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Trying to see my abs

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CougheeBean Mon 12-Feb-18 14:58:24

I appreciate MN may not be the best forum for this but as it's the only one I have an account with...

I need to tone up and lose about 1/2 a stone, ideally I'd like to see abs! I'm counting calories on MFP and try and stick within 1200 (except sundays) and carb cycling so I eat low carb high protein on less exhausting days and slightly more carbs for energy on busier days. My exercise week looks like this:

Monday: c25k, strength training (40m Jillian Michaels video)
Tuesday: 1 hour yoga or 90 min kickboxing class
Wednesday: c25k
Thursday 1 hour yoga or 90 min kickboxing class
Friday: c25k
Saturday: 90 min kickboxing class
Sunday: 1 hour yoga

I feel like I need more strength training to really tone up but I'm not sure how, I'm shattered from all this already. Am I too heavy on the cardio?

roseannaleeXo Mon 12-Feb-18 15:02:44

Yoga is combination of body weight etc tho well I suppose what one you do really ? I have daily yoga on my phone I do that and it knocks me out as you can choose the different programmed etc I can't get out the house to hit the sessions!

Maybe combine yoga
cut yoga a bit short and do a bit with strength training?

Sparklefloof Mon 12-Feb-18 15:07:47

Whilst you can increase the size of your abs through strength training, the only realistic way to properly see them is by having a low body fat % (mostly achieved by eating well)

Strongbeatsskinny Wed 14-Feb-18 13:40:04

Significant reduction of your body fat will not Be maintainable long term. Calorie deficit will eventually reveal your abdominal muscle tissue. Is there a reason you want to get that low in body fat? Thinking of competing or a photo shoot

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