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Road shoes suggestions

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MaisyPops Sun 11-Feb-18 13:23:34

About 3-4 years ago I did couch to 5k and have kept running ever since. But i did it with a cheap pair of adidas trainers and then moved onto trail running.
I did ny first half marathon 2 years ago but did it in my trail shoes because my original road shoes were nowhere near as comfy as my trail ones

Now I'n trying road again but need a pair of decent road shoes. I went out this morning in my usual Nike frees for the gym but still not close to my trail shoes.

I need the collective advice of fitness people. I get on well with nike frees in thr gym, use studio wraps for classes and my trail shoes are Inov8 Race Ultras.
High arches, neutral pronation.

What would be a good place to start for a new pair if road shoes for running 10km-half marathon distances?

emummy Sun 11-Feb-18 17:49:31

I would probably go to a shop and try a few pairs on to see which ones agree with you!

Itscurtainsforyou Sun 11-Feb-18 18:13:40

Yes running shop with a gait analysis to make sure you get a pair that suit your feet/running style

applelolly Sun 11-Feb-18 18:37:34

I've just got a pair of Altra Torrin 3s. They are zero drop with a "foot shaped" toe box. If you like your innov8s I suggest having a look at them. I am loving mine. The Torrins are the most cushioned of the Altra range so may be a good place to start if you are new to zero drop.

MaisyPops Sun 11-Feb-18 19:48:01

Thank you everyone.
My nearest running shops only seem to stock 2 makes or so (hence why i'm looking at ordering a couple from wiggle/sport pursuit).

apple They sound promising. I like having the wider toe box on thr inov8s. My trail shoes have a 4mm drop which I like. Ones like 10-12mm don't work for me. I'll look at that make.

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