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Swollen and sore ankle after running. ( it was previously broken 5 years ago)

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needtogetfit Thu 08-Feb-18 18:17:32

So I've started running 2 weeks ago to lose weight and keep fit really. I haven't been running far, just around where I live to start me off. I bought some proper running trainers that fit well and I've not fallen or twisted it but now it's swollen pretty bad and aches. I can bear weight on it and walk on it but it just aches all day. I broke this ankle 5 years ago and it's always been fine up until I started running. I'm worried I've damaged it or is this normal ? I know if I had broken it again I wouldn't be able to walk on it as last time I couldn't walk. Has this happened to anyone else and will I be a let l run again without this happening? I really feel like this is a massive set back and was looking forward to running and was excited about it all now I just feel like I can't even get that right

Growingboys Sat 10-Feb-18 07:10:04

Go and see a physio. I'm sure they'll be able to sort it. Don't give up running so soon - fix this and you'll be fine.

Fairylea Sat 10-Feb-18 07:48:42

I agree with the poster above. Also, when you say you’ve started running, have you just suddenly gone into it or are you doing a couch to 5k type thing? I’d really recommend doing something like c25k with one of the apps as it gets you into it slowly and gives your muscles a chance to adapt. If you don’t want to do that I would follow the basic principle of jogging for a few minutes intercepted with lots of periods of brisk walking until you feel your body can cope with just jogging.

Something like Pilates can also help your body to get better at balancing and using all the different muscles properly which will help your ankle adjust to running.

(I broke my ankle when I was 11 and used to do ballet which has damaged the tendons in my foot. I go to the gym 3 times a week doing a mixture of cardio and weights and I jog as well).

Fairylea Sat 10-Feb-18 07:49:43

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