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Kate010377 Thu 01-Feb-18 20:07:15

Are home treadmills a good idea if you have the space? How much do you need to spend to get something halfway decent?

atomicnotsoblonde Thu 01-Feb-18 22:52:44

I've just bought the reebok gt40s... £399 in argos and I'm loving it. I'm a single parent and just couldn't get out for a run so it's great to be able to get going again

Pantygirdl Sat 03-Feb-18 14:05:04

I'm thinking of getting one too, another single mum here. Not sure I have got the space but I'm really missing running so it's looking more and more like a good option. Cost is putting me off tho...

Twoweekcruise Sat 03-Feb-18 14:12:56

I've had one (Reebok from Argos) for four years and use it almost every day, love it (and I can wear my PJ's!!)

MuseumOfCurry Sat 03-Feb-18 14:14:19

We bought a commercial LifeFitness treadmill from a gym 10 years ago for maybe £5K. It's still worth about £2k on Ebay.

I owe my entire exercise regime to it, really. I don't think I would have ever found the wherwithal to get myself to a gym with the same commitment. I wouldn't be without it.

WeAllHaveWings Tue 06-Feb-18 21:28:48

Thinking of getting a home treadmill, while I would love a £2k machine I can only spend around £600, maybe squeeze a little more if it makes a big difference. What makes and models are recommended? Definitely want a power incline.

RainyApril Wed 07-Feb-18 09:49:14

I'd like to try the C25k, but would prefer a treadmill to the rainy outdoors. I like the look of the reebok g40s, and think it's quite a good price from Argos, but does anyone know if I could put it upstairs? I don't care about noise, but do care about collapsing through the ceilinggrin

WeAllHaveWings Wed 07-Feb-18 16:54:31

We were thinking about the DKN EZRun purely based on the link. There are so few websites with recommendations and I know nothing so I was hoping someone could give a personal or even expert recommendation.

We were originally going to hire, but that was much more expensive than I expected!

pinkhorse Wed 07-Feb-18 16:59:30

It's much easier than running outside. If you run on a treadmill you need to set an incline to try and replicate running outside. I think they are awful, boring things but if you struggle with childcare then they are better than nothing.

Whatsinanameanyway201 Wed 07-Feb-18 17:02:56

I've just bought an oldish 2nd (maybe even 3rd, 4th!) hand motorised one for £35. No point spending the earth just to realize a month down the line its not for you. It does the job for me for now

KikiTheParrot Wed 07-Feb-18 17:06:21

Have you thought of hiring? There are a number of hire companies. We used one. If you love the machine you can buy it (cheaper than new, because it's been used already by others. But obviously you know by then whether it's in good working order).

And if you find you don't use it enough then you can just end the contract and they come and take it away!

Fintress Wed 07-Feb-18 17:09:27

I think it would be a waste of money for me, I would probably keep putting off using it. I am rubbish at home exercise. The only weather I don't go out in when it's lashing rain and windy. I don't mind rain on its own. I tend to roll out of bed straight into my trainers, if I don't go first thing then I can't get motivated.

Kate010377 Wed 07-Feb-18 19:46:56

Does anybody have a rowing machine at home. Are they any good?

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