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Anyone watch "The Truth About Getting Fit"?

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Riverside2 Thu 01-Feb-18 14:17:35

hi there
honest post - I cba sitting through an hour of this to hear the conclusions.

so I wondered if anyone had watched it.

I have a fair bit of weight to lose although I exercise regularly and always have. I tried adding HIIT into my regime but tbh it got on my nerves, that might sound odd but it's kind of nerve jarring and not therapeutic in any way. It's weird, because if I have a bad day at work I will hit the rowing machine hard, but something about HIIT just annoys me.

so what I have been doing was going for a 10k step count aside from exercise - so I only wear a pedometer when not working out.

I am happy to do this as 3 short walks or whatever but wondering if I ought to battle with HIIT again - I don't drive and have to walk for all errands, as part of commute, work in a split site office etc so I'm thinking that I quite likely had 10k steps a day anyway and it clearly hasn't been help in not gaining weight (a lot of that is meds related I think).

just thought I'd ask if anyone got anything useful from it and has any plans to change regime.


Scabbersley Tue 06-Feb-18 08:08:05

Have you counted your steps? I can only do 10k steps if I walk the dogs twice a day, walk to the shops and do my horses! I doubt doing errands at work would get you 10k?

Wingbing Wed 07-Feb-18 21:13:36

You need to watch it grin

You'll learn that 10k was made up by a Japanese marketing company so you'll buy their pedometers.

Also there is segment dedicated to HIIT.

Maybe not want you want to hear though.

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