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Primark exercise gear

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hopethisworks Thu 25-Jan-18 13:46:54

Anyone tried it? Was in for a quick browse today and some of it looks lovely and of course very cheap. In particular I'm thinking of leggings for running - I normally like Nike as for the price I think the fabric quality and cut are great and they stand up to sun, sweat and constant washing plus I trust the seams not to split when I'm stretching wink. Then I thought the trainers looked nice for days in the gym when I'm doing resistance so don't really need a "performance" shoe as such.

Need to invest in some new kit but would be good if funds could stretch further!
Thanks ladies of MN!

cookiedough1 Thu 25-Jan-18 13:53:45

Thin and see through ime.

CocoLoco87 Thu 25-Jan-18 13:56:26

I find the leggings get very sweaty quickly. I've bought 2 pairs from there. I bought a running jacket from there but it comes up quite short now. It's good if you want to look sporty on a budget, but I don't think it's the best for actual exercise.

hopethisworks Thu 25-Jan-18 14:03:45

Thanks cookiedough1 and Cocoloco87 ... I thought that could be the case, i sweat A LOT when running so they won't be a good look!

IToldYouIWasFreaky Thu 25-Jan-18 14:14:13

I have had a couple of pairs of leggings for running/gym from there. One was really good - not see through, kept their shape etc but the other was awful, kept falling down!
I've also got a Primark running top; just a short sleeved tight t-shirt thing which I really like. It fits well and is comfortable.

If you are looking for cheap exercise gear, I really rate Decathalon. Their leggings are brilliant - they have pockets and drawstring waists and come in a variety of thicknesses for different weather. Their trainers are really good too - I have had a couple of pairs of their cheapest running trainers (about £15!) and they're fine for the gym.

hopethisworks Thu 25-Jan-18 14:18:44

Itoldtyou - I'll perhaps have a look at tops then I suppose there's also less chance of wardrobe malfunctions with those than with bottoms. Thanks for Decathlon recc, I'll have a look at those and shoes too

Picnicsandwich Thu 25-Jan-18 14:20:57

The primary leggings are thin and look cheap. The vests are ok though and sports bras not too bad if you're not large chested.

I really rate the Lidl running leggings. They're £4.99 and if you can find them, they come out every now and then it's definitely worth picking up a pair or three. They're my favourite, high waisted, squat proof and I've had one pair 3 years and they're still going strong.

Picnicsandwich Thu 25-Jan-18 14:21:11

Primark obv not primary!

ImCatbug Thu 25-Jan-18 14:22:25

I have some of the cropped leggings, with a thick waistband and tiny zipper pocket at the back of he waistband, and I really like them. They’re white and black and not thin at all, you can’t see anything through them. I find them great for running in and I also sweat a lot.
I also have some of the thinner tshirts/racerback tank tops from there and I like them a lot, as I overheat SO quickly when exercising and need some stuff that breathes really well and doesn’t stick to me.
For outdoor running and really strenuous exercise I use proper branded stuff (Kalenji are really nice and inexpensive) or decathalon things but for short runs in the gym or resistance/weight training I find the primark stuff to be perfect.

sweetheart Thu 25-Jan-18 14:24:09

I have tried it - the tops roll up when you are jumping about - it's very annoying. I buy H&M workout gear - it's great, wears and washes well, keeps it's shape and not bad price wise.

idontlikealdi Thu 25-Jan-18 14:26:24

Awful - the leggings kept falling down.

hopethisworks Thu 25-Jan-18 14:32:17

Quite mixed reviews but interested to hear some other brands too, it would never have occurred to me to look at Lidl ones but I'll keep my eyes out. Thanks for all the suggestions, it sounds like a "try them on and see" case with Primark but I'll definitely be looking at the other brands you've mentioned!

Fairylea Thu 25-Jan-18 14:35:21

I really like the activewear at Tu at Sainsbury’s. I got some leggings and a top today and the quality is similar to any of the top brands in thickness and stretch.

cookiedough1 Thu 25-Jan-18 14:37:02

DD just wears Tesco, true to size, wash well and she says comfy for the gym.

Builderrage Thu 25-Jan-18 14:40:02

I have some leggings from the new range in Primark (they had a womans name as the range) and think they are fab for £8.

hopethisworks Fri 26-Jan-18 12:12:52

Hoping to look at all these recommendations this weekend thanks everyone for replying. smile

Sammysquiz Fri 26-Jan-18 13:25:14

My favourite running leggings are from Tesco. Prefer them to the ridiculously expensive ones I bought from Sweaty Betty!

AnnPerkins Fri 26-Jan-18 17:37:20

Kalenji is Decathlon's running brand.

I've got a pair of the £7.99 looser fit cropped ones and I love them. They are very thin, though, definitely meant for warmer weather. But I run at a very high temperature, it's short sleeve weather for me now.

I like the Kalenji shorts too.

Ofthread Wed 31-Jan-18 23:30:16

Has anyone said H&M? Good and cheap, I haven't had anything bad from there. Only drawback is sizing, I'm a 10 and I get medium.

Time40 Wed 31-Jan-18 23:49:59

Every pair of Primark shoes I've ever tried has been horribly, horribly sweaty. I've given up on them now.

AnnPerkins Thu 01-Feb-18 11:43:24

I haven't tried their leggings but I love my H&M running top. It's good quality and fit, and has nice long sleeves and thumb holes. Only problem is it's dark grey. They never seem to do long sleeve tops in nice bright colours.

Wingbing Sat 10-Feb-18 09:34:44

I thought they were good when they were all I had. Then I got a proper pair of running tights.

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