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Running - what are you listening to?

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BrassicaBabe Wed 10-Jan-18 18:08:25

So I'm on week 6 of C25k and I have a 25 minute run scheduled for Friday. Oh my!! I need some musical help. My current choices are woeful! What are you guys listening to? Thanks

givemushypeasachance Thu 11-Jan-18 10:22:14

I get bored with music so listen to podcasts - things like Stuff You Should Know, Stuff You Missed In History Class, Sawbones, Can I Pet Your Dog, true crime stuff. There's so many out there I'll never run out of audio content and it keeps me absorbed in a way music doesn't.

CompletelyUnknown Thu 11-Jan-18 10:37:06

My go to is always the same. I listen to Artic Monkeys first album. It has a great beat to run to. I have for years. Don't know if it's brainwashed me. Whenever I hear one of those songs I feel I must go for a run.

ShowOfHands Thu 11-Jan-18 10:39:03

I don't know how people listen to stuff while running. I wish I could. Anything longer than 8k and I get SO bored but can't wear ear buds. They fall out or hurt so much I want to cry.

emummy Thu 11-Jan-18 10:46:54

Could you try the bone conducting headphones ShowOfHands? They sit in front of the ear. Apologies if you have.
I listen to podcasts, music always messed up my breathing. I listen to Marathon Talk, Running Commentary, Marathon Training Academy, and for non-running relief, Standard Issue.

ShowOfHands Thu 11-Jan-18 10:48:13

Never heard of them. I'll look into it 😊

Would love to listen to podcasts but must have weird ears.

Luckingfovely Thu 11-Jan-18 10:54:31

I can't run without music!

Do you have Spotify? There are loads of running playlists on there.

Or just google - loads of running magazines etc frequently publish playlists. Womens' Running Magazine has good ones, as does Nike.

MulhuddartDrive Thu 11-Jan-18 11:04:54

Podcasts here too. I fins comedy the best, takes my mind off the pain of running! I love So my Dad Wrote a Porno which really keeps me distracted and makes passers by think I'm a complete loon, laughing away to myself

Arkangel Thu 11-Jan-18 11:13:52

Oh oh oh I have just created the best dealing playlist for running.

It's got linkin part and fleetwood Mac and most of the suicide squad album, some recent fall out boy with big punchy beats. It makes me so happy and running sucks so it's the best.

ScrambledSmegs Thu 11-Jan-18 11:15:09

I've got a playlist of stuff I like to run to, which isn't really like stuff I listen to normally but it all works, it's quite eclectic though. So artists like Sia, Bloc Party, Orbital, Fleetwood Mac even (Tusk shouldn't work but it does). I generally find that if you love it, it works.

I got some Trekz bone-conducting headphones for Christmas and they're brilliant. Can hear the music and everything going on around you too, like I have my own theme songs.

givemushypeasachance Thu 11-Jan-18 11:15:44

ShowOfHands - I wear headphones that would probably fall out when running but I wear a buff or headband thing over them that helps to keep them in place without them having to be super tight wedged in fitting ones.

I would like to try the bone conducting ones though...

LaContessaDiPlump Thu 11-Jan-18 11:21:06

Showofhands - I wear big over-ear noise cancelling headphones. They stay on well and are great!

I listen to audio downloads from Radio 4 - drama usually. Maybe I will try and expand my mind a bit too this year grin

Luckingfovely Thu 11-Jan-18 12:25:45

Oooh Scrambled now I have earphone envy... I run every day, are they worth the money do you think?

Itscurtainsforyou Thu 11-Jan-18 12:35:43

I stopped listening to anything while running and enjoy it much more - I was really surprised!

MulhuddartDrive Thu 11-Jan-18 13:03:33

I've got serious head phone lust looking at those Trekz ones.

CompletelyUnknown Thu 11-Jan-18 13:15:59

Why did you ever mention the trekz now I feel I need them in my life. I just hold my headphones in place with head band.

ShowOfHands Thu 11-Jan-18 15:52:53

I couldn't hold them in with my buff as they just don't fit to my ear so to hear through them I have to force them in and they hurt so much it's unbearable. I wouldn't wear over the ear noise cancelling ones as I live rurally and run on country lanes. Too dangerous. I'll look up the Trekz.

ScrambledSmegs Thu 11-Jan-18 15:53:22

Lucking they were a gift so I'm not sure, they're very expensive. However they're the only sort of headphones currently allowed in most races and these are the best rated out of pretty much all of the ones I looked at. So.. up to you! I do love them though, and I don't get startled by anyone coming up behind me any more as I can hear them which is a bonus.

BrassicaBabe Fri 12-Jan-18 12:15:23

Thanks folks! Interesting chat about headphones too. But not allowing myself to google those!! I opted for an audio book in the end. I was a little nervous in case I missed the lack of music beat. The run was horrible but I think that was inevitable. Onwards to week 7 of C25k...!

ScrambledSmegs Fri 12-Jan-18 14:40:57

Well done! It's hard now but I promise there will come a point where it just clicks and you start running because you like it not because you have to. Generally that happens when the weather gets better!

I wasn't even where you are now at this time last year - I'd literally just started running again on a C25K course after many years hiatus and the occasional false start. Last spring I ran my first parkrun, now I'm training for my first half marathon - it might be my last too but at least I'll have done it!

Arkangel Fri 12-Jan-18 19:09:14

The best advice I ever got was two things, how to stack your body properly and how to know when you're at your pace.

The stacking one is self explanatory, hold yourself up as you run, shoulders relaxed etc

The breathing was that you can be running and still hold a conversation. I don't run with anyone so I mouth the words to the song instead.

Knowing my pace really improved my longer runs.

BrassicaBabe Fri 12-Jan-18 19:52:57

Thanks guys. I don't actually hate running! I live in the country. The roads are muddy!! And dark. I run in the day time on country roads. But if I have to run in the dark I find some pavements. The pavements are muddy too and have puddles but I've quite enjoyed running in the dark. It's quite a nice sense of freedom.

When it comes to pace, the c25k app has a little bell when you get half way through the time. I've been quite pleased with myself that I've managed to finish where I started meaning my pace stays pretty consistent throughout. That's a good thing surely?!!

BrassicaBabe Fri 12-Jan-18 19:53:52

Going to google stacking too to make sure it's a simple as you say!

Liz38 Fri 12-Jan-18 20:07:50

I do podcasts too. Looked a bit odd running round the streets laughing to myself at Sue Perkins on desert island discs. i need something to distract me completely and music doesn't do that.

Deadlylampshade Fri 12-Jan-18 20:11:06

I use the Aaptiv app and it’s sooo good. I’ve been using it for a year now and just subscribed for another year as it’s totally revolutionised how I run.

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