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Exercise post baby

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user1496521049 Tue 02-Jan-18 08:45:43

I am looking to start exercising again to loose my baby weight but I am finding it hard to find the time between looking after the baby and keeping the house together etc. Whenever I think of going for a walk it rains! Does anyone have any tips?

OutComeTheWolves Tue 02-Jan-18 10:23:01

There's loads of exercise classes you can take a baby too. I don't know your area but near where I live you can do Buggyfit, pramblers, plus Pilates and yoga classes that you can take a baby to. My friend used to just do her normal classes and leave the baby in his pram at the back. There's one near us (I haven't been but I think it's called skinny pigs) that encourages you to do just that.

Just have a google for baby friendly exercise classes in your area or gyms with a crèche.

Girlwiththearabstrap Tue 02-Jan-18 10:40:45

I did a buggy fit type class-most cities have them. I also made sure I had a decent waterproof and wellies so I could walk regardless. There's also running/swimming/classes in the evening.

StephBooth Tue 02-Jan-18 13:51:48

I tried planning my day around the activity that I wanted to do. This isn't always possible but it worked for 4/5 days of every week.

Recently I've used a site called GoSweat to find local activities. They don't have everything, but much easier than Google I've found.

PlugUgly1980 Tue 02-Jan-18 21:46:15

Definitely walk every day, regardless of weather. Baby's always nice and snug and dry in pram/pushchair so they're not bothered. Good waterproof and shoes/wellies and got for it. I use to have at least an hours walk everyday when on mat leave. Running is also good - 30 mins gives you a good work out, but if you can make it 45-60 mins even better. Or what about exercising at home whilst baby naps...leave the housework for an hour, make time for yourself so 45 min workout, 15 min shower. Or my favourite was as soon as DH came in from work, I'd be ready and waiting in my running gear, pass him the baby and go out for a run...much needed 'me' time after looking after baby all day, and gave daddy some 1:1 time with baby.

noodlmcdoodl Thu 04-Jan-18 15:14:11

I had my bike set up on my indoor trainer and would be ready in my kit. I'd pop him on the floor in front of me in his bouncey chair or Moses basket or baby gym and peddle away whilst he slept. Even once he was awake he'd be happy there as long as I pulled faces and made noises. That worked well until he became mobile. Now I'll only do it whilst he's napping in his cot so I have to be a bit more organised. You could manage with any bit of home exercise equipment - there's always stuff going on Facebook groups, freecycle, gumtree and the like if you can't afford new.

Pilates247 Sat 10-Feb-18 13:08:27

I'm starting a new Pilates class for Mums in East Dulwich, where you can bring your children (babies to under 5s). They can be in their pram, on the mat with you or play on soft play while you exercise. From Wednesday 21st Feb @ Albrighton Centre, SE22 8AH. For more details message me

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