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New Yearathon 2018

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OublietteBravo Fri 29-Dec-17 17:43:41

It is very nearly 2018, so here is a thread to track your exercise goals.

It doesn't matter if you are new to exercise, or merely continuing your current regime. Everyone is welcome!

OublietteBravo Mon 01-Jan-18 15:26:03

My 2018 target is:
- at least 200 hours of exercise; and
- exercising on at least 250 days.

I started off with a cardio circuit: BFBM (Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism).

So 1 day down and 249 to go (or 1/249), and 50 mins completed.

PeoniesforMissAnnersley Mon 01-Jan-18 15:26:48

My goal is exercise 6 days per week: I’ve joined a fab new gym and booked loads of classes smile

Microwaved111 Mon 01-Jan-18 15:28:23

My goal is to continue walking for at least 40 mins 5 times a week.

As the evenings get lighter later in year I want to start running too.

There is also a yoga class near me I need to get up the courage to join.

EdithDickie Mon 01-Jan-18 15:56:58

Can I join?

Mine are...

1. RED January for Mind
2. Run 1000 miles
3. Be able to do at least two chin ups in a row by the end of the year

I've joined the gym, entered a car share/gym visiting agreement with my boss, and got some running events lined up for the Spring.

Good luck everyone!

SophieLion Mon 01-Jan-18 20:00:46

Hi again Oubliette and everyone else,
Happy New Year!

I plan on joining in. Aiming for 5/6 times exercise a week - a couple of runs, dance classes and Jillian DVDs. Maybe tennis - will see how things pan out.

Not a very good start to year. We're on a skiing holiday and DCs ill so spent most of time in room and haven't managed a single day of skiing!! Exercising will have to wait until they're back at school it seems.

Not exercise related but also no picking my spots!!

StephBooth Tue 02-Jan-18 13:50:18

My goal is to simply show people how many amazing ways there are to workout. I personally see the physical changes as far below the social, enjoyment and tenancity that doing exercise gives me. I also feel so much more awake and 'energised' once I have done it.

Looking for new challenges this year as last year I did exercise everyday for a year

It wasn't a vanity exercise, as I wasn't aiming for a bikini body at all, just relishing the benefits that sport and fitness had.

I generally found that I planned my day around the exercise. Of course there were days that I had to squeeze it in at 11pm, but where there is a will there is a way grin

Anyway, there is a blog about it here -

overmydeadbody Tue 02-Jan-18 13:54:15

That is amazing and inspiring stephbooth.

I am going to try to run every day in January, then do a thousand miles of running like I did in 2017. I think it will be harder this year as I'm working full time... Last year I was on maternity leave so had lots of time to run.

SophieLion Tue 02-Jan-18 15:43:29

That's very cool, Steph. And very inspiring. Well done! I really like the idea of mixing up exercise so I don't get bored. I was doing yoga last year in a fab group but then our teacher left sad

Can I ask you (or anyone else) about eating please? You say that exercise makes you feel energised (as it should!) but I often find, especially after running, that I feel wrecked and I'm suspecting it's because I'm not eating enough or not eating the right type of "fuel". From your experience, do you suggest particular foods before and after exercise (carbs? Protein?). I do eat after so thinking the before part isn't quite right. Thanks smile

OublietteBravo Tue 02-Jan-18 18:55:26

I'm so impressed that you managed to exercise every day Steph - I managed my target of 300 exercise days back in 2016 and it nearly killed me!

I did another 50 min this evening - this time I did strength to balance yesterday's cardio (No More Trouble Zones - NMTZ)

(2/248; 1h 40min)

SophieLion Wed 03-Jan-18 14:15:27

Morning of skiing plus Six Week Six Pack L1 smilesmile

OublietteBravo Wed 03-Jan-18 18:59:56

Cardio: BFBM

I'm currently alternating between BFBM & NMTZ, because I've not come up with a coherent plan as yet.

(3/247; 2h 30min)

SophieLion Thu 04-Jan-18 13:36:30

Same as yesterday: skiing in morning and then six week six pack L1 (but with weights this time from the Hotel gym).

I've been doing this on you tube but think I will get the DVD for my Jillian collection. L1 is a good workout, not easy at all, and want L2 as well which I can't find online.

I've not got any solid plan either Oubliette but think I'll go with the flow a bit as I like being flexible - will just try to manage 5/6 times a week with some running and strength training each week.

OublietteBravo Thu 04-Jan-18 19:09:15

Strength: NMTZ

(4/246; 3h 20min)

SophieLion Fri 05-Jan-18 15:47:44

DCs all healthy now so full day of skiing today.

OublietteBravo Fri 05-Jan-18 21:19:33

Cardio: BFBM

(5/245; 4h 10min)

SophieLion Sat 06-Jan-18 10:09:59

6W6P level 1

(again! Looking forward to getting back home and having more workouts to choose from).

OublietteBravo Sat 06-Jan-18 19:13:17

Strength: NMTZ (and I don't even have the being-away-from-home excuse for my repetitiveness)

(6/244; 5h 00min)

SophieLion Sun 07-Jan-18 16:08:04

7km run

Very proud of myself as after a long day of travelling and unpacking, I really couldn't be bothered but...the first step out of the door is always the hardest.

OublietteBravo Sun 07-Jan-18 20:22:22

I wasn't feeling very motivated today. I still managed a short session though: 6W6P L1D1

(7/243; 5h 35min)

SophieLion Mon 08-Jan-18 07:15:02

I wasn't feeling motivated either but decided to push myself as suspect tomorrow will be a rest day.

Did 3 workouts from Jillian's 10 minute body transformation DVD (kickboxing, callisthenics and booty boot camp) and 2 circuits from Killer Arms and Back L3.

OublietteBravo Mon 08-Jan-18 17:10:39

Back to cardio: BFBM

I'm not sure how much exercise I'll manage over the next couple of days - I'm travelling for business.

(8/242; 6h 25min)

SophieLion Tue 09-Jan-18 09:19:43

Decided to start counting my days of exercise too, Oubliette.

6 days so far.

SophieLion Tue 09-Jan-18 15:03:40

Squeezed in 6W6P L1
Those side planks with leg raises are nasty!!

7 days

OublietteBravo Tue 09-Jan-18 19:46:37

Rest day (my first one of 2018). I'm currently in the hotel restaurant waiting for my dinner to arrive. After which I plan on having an early night.

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