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Exercise every day 2018

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Submariner Thu 28-Dec-17 21:43:48

Anyone up for tracking some exercise every day in 2018?

I currently do yoga and bootcamp classes at the gym and stopped running in September due to an injury (but not injured any more!)

I don't drive so walk everywhere. I wouldn't count walking as exercise unless I went further/faster on purpose, but willing to count say 20 mins easy yoga so that I don't burn out with intense exercise every day.

I'm hoping the streak will appeal to the my obsessive nature and mean that I push myself to do more this year.

Anyone else up for it? grin

Lovenluck Thu 28-Dec-17 21:47:06

Yes! Me! I used to be really into my exercise (gym most days, running, classes, personal training, yoga, Pilates etc) but since we moved house and had a second child I’ve found it really hard to make time and energy for it! Now expecting my 3rd baby and want to feel really fit and healthy in this pregnancy! So definitely up for exercise every day! Also have eaten roughly 800 tonnes of chocolate and done zero exercise the last week or two and feeling like a change is needed!

In fact, I’m going to sign up for a Pilates class right now!

What are you thinking you will do OP? I might write a list / plan?

Feeling quite inspired - thank you!

Submariner Fri 29-Dec-17 08:35:23

Yay! Glad you're up for joining in Love. Congratulations on your pregnancy, how far along are you? And good on you for wanting to keep moving. I spent my two pregnancies on the sofa!

Well, my tactic is to plan ahead what I am going to do for each week, to tie in with mine/DH's schedules.
I find I am very good at getting to a weekly class, but if I have to choose between an evening run or a glass of wine there is no contest. So making things regular as far as possible will work for me.
Also going to try and do as much in the morning as possible so I don't have time to cancel plans.
And aiming for every day will hopefully mean I don't end up putting it off all week.

My plan for next week is:
Mon - New Year's parkrun with my sis
Tue - Yoga class
Wed - Swim (I am an awful swimmer, trying to get into it)
Thurs - Will have to be an exercise video at home, I work all day and then DH goes to his activity in the evening
Fri - Run the long way home after school run - aiming for 3 miles to ease back in
Sat - Bootcamp! My favourite class, it kills me!
Sun - I'll either try and get to a class and try something new or stretch it out at home depending how sore I am from bootcamp.

Excited now! smile

Lovenluck Fri 29-Dec-17 21:53:24

That sounds like a great plan! I think it really is all about planning and knowing what makes it easier for you. So evenings are hard for me because I’m so tired. Even when I’m not pregnant I’m a real morning person and not at my best in the evenings!

I’m going to need to join a gym or something I think. I have some home equipment but it’s hard to find the time when there are no kids around / and or any other distractions!! Maybe I could do one or two dvds or exercise sessions at home but definitely need some outside motivation! It’s hard when money is tight though!

I walked into town today instead of driving, so a small start but getting into the right mindset!

I can’t wait for warmer and lighter weather, definitely makes exercise easier doesn’t it!

Oh and to answer your question, I’m about 11 and a half weeks. Hopefully coming to the end of the feeling awful part of things leaving more energy for some exercise! Also, when I stop feeling sick I can do a or eat more healthily!

Lovenluck Fri 29-Dec-17 21:54:44

That should be “probably” eat more healthily!

maybeshesawomble Sat 30-Dec-17 07:40:52


maybeshesawomble Sat 30-Dec-17 07:41:38

Yep, I am in. I’m regularly attend spin and boxing classes but want to add in some yoga in 2018 instead of complete rest days.

QuinoaKeen Sat 30-Dec-17 07:46:15

Yay! I'm in too! The streak appeals to me.

I have a gym membership and am doing a Dry January so this will be great.

What are we counting as exercise? Does a walk count? Or is it more cardio/fitness based?

Submariner Sat 30-Dec-17 17:27:26

Fab! Glad there's a few more interested! smile

Love I joined a cheapy gym this year but it's definitely been worth the outlay. I go at least twice a week for classes and it's good for trying new things.

Hi womble, I've really enjoyed yoga this year, and I actually found it really useful for keeping good form in the more lively or heavy classes.

Hi Quinoa, I would say it depends on your own goals/level. I wouldn't include walking for myself unless I did something further/faster than normal because I walk everywhere. But then most other people wouldn't count my swimming because I literally do 5 lengths of the tiny gym pool before I'm knackered (I'm REALLY rubbish at swimming!) I'm going to count more gentle exercise like yoga, just in case I'm really sorry or tired and want something good to do that doesn't break the streak.

malovitt Sun 31-Dec-17 05:24:29

I'm in too.

I've put on about a stone in the last couple of months through overeating and being lazy with my exercise and feel so sluggish.

Did a Parkrun on Christmas Day and another one yesterday- debating whether to go to the NY day one tomorrow. I'm fairly new to running so am quite slow but get round without stopping in about 34 minutes.

I have an annual yoga centre pass but haven't been for months; was going 3 times per week. Also signed up to BMF classes in the local park , haven't been for two months and I have a personal trainer once a week.
There's no excuses for me! Saying that, I'm good at sticking to things started at the symbolic beginning of the year. Successfully gave up smoking and drinking alcohol on two successive NYDays so know I can do it.
None of my clothes are comfortable either so I have to get back in shape!

Luckingfovely Sun 31-Dec-17 11:18:56

Ooh hello! Me too. I am going to: Run Every Day in 2018.

I used to run half's every year, but had a back injury nearly two years ago and have put on two stone and turned into a horribly unhealthy couch potato since then. My back is finally better and I will get fit this year. Healthier eating habits and exercise everyday.

Lengths will obviously vary and some days might be more of a walk with a small run in as 'rest days'. But I will run every day in 2018. Even with a hangover tomorrow fgrin

Lovenluck Sun 31-Dec-17 23:18:17

Loving all the motivation here!!

I am going to investigate gym options. Need to be careful with money because am a SAHM and DH got made redundant the week before Christmas ( I know, how festive of them!!). But this is important. I do the odd bit of freelance work and am pushing DH to get straight out and find a job once New Year is our the way!

So I’m going to sign up to Pilates, have a look at a gym, especially one with a pool. I think a local leisure centre also has a crèche. I have no idea if DD (who is 2) would go in a crèche since she has never been away from me unless she was with DH or DM or MIL but might be worth a look. I think there is also a v cheap gym with an outdoor (!) pool just down the road from me so I could even walk there!

Tomorrow am going to do my Plan. Just like Submariner.

Oh and walking totally counts! Especially if it’s far / fast / out of your normal routine!!

We can do this! 💪

Here’s to a healthy happy 2018!

QuinoaKeen Mon 01-Jan-18 11:41:54

Fingers crossed your husband finds work quickly @Lovenluck flowers.

First day for me. I went to the gym this morning for 90 minutes and have hit my 10,000 step mark.
Surprisingly very few people were there. I expected it to be packed, but at one stage I was the only person in the cardio area (love that!)

I'm on antibiotics which I feel is messing me around a bit, and am so looking forward to being 100% well and having full energy.

maybeshesawomble Mon 01-Jan-18 11:57:58

Easing back into it with a yoga session this morning. Rao work starts tomorrow with my PT

maybeshesawomble Mon 01-Jan-18 11:58:21

Rao!? Real

Lovenluck Mon 01-Jan-18 12:07:21

I guess people are too hungover today quinoa! We are about to go out for a family walk as a first step of exercise of the year!

Urgh! Antibiotics are no fun! Are you taking some good probiotics to help counteract them! It really helps! I like Opti-bac and Biokult. Both a really good and don’t dissolve in stomach acid so the bacteria get to the gut where they are needed. You can get them from Boots and some health doos shops.

Good work on the yoga and gym you guys!! I need to pull my socks up!

Submariner Mon 01-Jan-18 13:04:19

Happy new year everyone!

Oh yay, I'm so glad to see so many people on board! If there are any lurkers wondering whether to join in, please do!

Wow some of you seem to have amazing motivation levels - hoping some will rub off on me over the year!
I'm impressed by your New Year's Resolutions in past years malovitt.

Well done everyone who's been out this morning. I did Parkrun, including walking there and back (in the rain on the way home). All good fun.

I'm also getting a start on some of my other resolutions. I'm going fully vegan this year, after a few months 'trial run' in 2017, and I want to read at least 12 books this year. That's pitiful compared to what I used
to read as a teenager, pre-smart phones, but should be a good excuse to get in the bath for an hour later!!

Has anyone else got any other resolutions this year?

And just for the sake of it, a countdown. 1/365 workouts done!!

Wishingandwaiting Mon 01-Jan-18 13:10:05

Beautiful 10k run this morning. I was shocked no one else was out running... it was a perfect start to 2018!

And late morning I did a body pump class. Again, thought it was going to be busier but almost empty.

Will take the children for a long walk this afternoon if rain ever eases up.

Good luck all!

malovitt Mon 01-Jan-18 13:28:01

Good morning!

I did my 5 Tibetans first thing, then a Parkrun but my hamstring was a bit twingy so took it easy.

Green juice for breakfast and have drunk 1.5 litres of water (aiming for 3 ltrs per day)

Pilates class at 4pm and I think that will do me for today.
Onwards and upwards!

VivaLeBeaver Mon 01-Jan-18 13:41:18

I’m up for it but on work days will have to count my 4mile walk as exercise I think as out the house for 13 hours a day and no time to go to the gym. The walking though is going to be new to me as currently drive.

Been to the gym today, 5k run, 45 mins weights.

Submariner Mon 01-Jan-18 21:07:42

I'm well impressed by all of you who have done multiple lots of exercise today! I still feel fairly knackered from Parkrun - first proper run since September.

Viva I think we can all say that 4 miles walking plus a day of work counts as your workout for those days! smile

QuinoaKeen Tue 02-Jan-18 05:06:50

Thanks for the reminder Lovenluck. I haven't been taking probiotics but will pick some up
next time I'm at the shops.

Good luck with being vegan in 2018 Submariner. I went from vegetarian to vegan almost four years ago now and it is the best thing I've ever done. I have so much more energy! Wish I'd done it years ago.

I just got back from the gym with DD15. We did another 90 minute workout, and walked there and back this time. It was great. Feels good to have 9000 steps done by midday.

Good luck to everyone for day two!

dressinblack Tue 02-Jan-18 06:30:02

👋🏼 I started Boxing Day, we have a poor mans home gym (because I suffer anxiety) which we are slowly building up. DF used to be in the army and now does cross fit and plays rugby so he's guiding me through the early days.
So far I use the stationary bike twice a day (minimum 20 minutes each time) and work key areas on the mat with weights for 20. I'd like to introduce yoga and increase the weights!
Good luck everyone 💪🏼 STRONG NOT SKINNY

StephBooth Tue 02-Jan-18 13:47:09

I actually did exercise very day in 2017 as a way of showing that it is possible.

It wasn't a vanity exercise, as I wasn't aiming for a bikini body at all, just relishing the benefits that sport and fitness had.

I generally found that I planned my day around the exercise. Of course there were days that I had to squeeze it in at 11pm, but where there is a will there is a way grin

Anyway, there is a blog about it here -

Bestbees Tue 02-Jan-18 20:21:23

Can I join?

Going to allow anything really from 10 mins of yoga to 10k run. Walking only counting if it long/ means i leave house when i dont have too!

Yesterday long beach walk. Our NYD tradition.

Today swim and going to do some yoga too.

Tomorrow will be a run.

Will sign up for a 1.4 mile sea swim and a couple of 5ks and maybe a 10k (done a couple but dont love it).

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