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Lifestyle change! Protein powder question

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PeppaPigBaconButty Thu 07-Dec-17 13:10:29

I've over the past few days dramatically changed my habits. Ive dropped all unhealthy snacks, meal prepped good healthy meals (chicken, greens, sweet potato, salads) and done a workout every morning.

My weight on the scale has increased which I'm hoping is the muscle starting to build. From now on I don't care about the scales, it's how I look and feel I'm interested in because I want to get fit and toned and I accept muscle weighs more than fat.

But protein shakes etc, where do they all come in? I'm joining the gym to increase my workouts so what's the deal witht them?
Any fitness fanatics out there to help?

PilarTernera Thu 07-Dec-17 13:24:40

Good for you for chaning your habits to healthier ones!

IMO protein shakes are a waste of money. It's just companies trying to make money. For most people, we get more than enough protein in our diets. Chicken is a good source of protein. So are fish, eggs, beans and pulses.

If you go to the gym regularly, you might find you get hungrier. You don't need anything special, though. Just keep eating normal healthy foods.

PeppaPigBaconButty Thu 07-Dec-17 13:44:38

That's a lot of help thank you!

MaidOfStars Mon 11-Dec-17 20:28:44

You won’t be building muscle ‘over the past few days’. A new female weightlifter lifting properly and heavy can only hope for a few kg of muscle in the first year. It’s more likely water as your muscles get used to movement and start to store more glycogen.

Well done on the changes you’ve made. I use protein supplements because I lift weights and I’m veggie, so on some days can struggle to hit target. If you’re doing cardio rather than weights, and have a normal healthy diet with decent protein intake, you shouldn’t need to add much if any.

Gaudeamus Wed 20-Dec-17 02:54:39

If you do check back on this thread @PeppaPigBaconButty, it is still good to consume something with both protein and carbs shortly before and\or after your workout, as that's when your muscles are most efficient at absorbing these nutrients to recover and gain strength.

Mustang27 Wed 20-Dec-17 03:20:48

How are you doing @PeppaPigBaconButty with the change? Don't stand on scales daily would be my first bit of advice.
Second I'd not bother with shakes unless there is a proper dietary requirement.

Stick with meat, fish, veg, fruit, nuts, seeds, some oils, dairy if you tolerate it in lowish amounts and log a food and activity diary and don't starve yourself. You should find a difference with that then it gets complicated if you want to start changing certain body parts but a good nutritionist and trainer would help finding them is harder

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