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Motivation to get back to C25K

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Hookedoncatnip Mon 13-Nov-17 12:23:11

I started the NHS C25K at the end of the summer and I was just about to start week 6 when I got a persistent cough and then a cold. I had to stop the running because I have a weak chest and no energy. That was just over 3 weeks ago.

I think that I am now finally shaking off the lurghi but I'm worried that it has been too long now to pick up where I left off. I'm not a natural runner and I worked really hard to get to the last run of week 5. Where should I pick up? I really don't want to go back to the beginning again.

Also some words of encouragement might help especially since the mornings (the only time I get to run) are so dark now and the temperature has significantly dropped.

I did attempt a different Couch to 5k app in the past but just didn't get as far with it for one reason or another. I am frustrated that I got over half way this time and then had to stop. sad

Firefries Mon 13-Nov-17 21:51:44

Keep going. I did a couch to 5k this summer and honestly prior to it couldn't run to save my life. Anyway I'm now heading into winter and it's harder to go out, so I understand. I think I stopped for about 10 days and didnt think I could do 5k but managed it. I want to post here as I had just wondered how I'd cope and now getting through ok - I'll say, just do it. Start where you left off and go for it. Take your time and find ways to distract yourself and make it enjoyable. I think you can do it and think you'll be proud so yeah go for it. Running is all psychological and in the head. Get past that and you'll be ok smile.

Hookedoncatnip Tue 14-Nov-17 10:11:31

Thanks @Firefries. I think you're right. I need to just go for it. I know that I ran that 20 minutes in week 5 so as you say a lot of it is psychological. I was stunned (in a good way) when I ran week 5. It feels like such bad timing now to take a break even though I have no choice.

Thanks for the words of encouragement.

emummy Tue 14-Nov-17 14:56:18

Have faith in what you have already achieved. You could start the week before the last one you did to build your confidence. Go for it, I'm definitely not a natural runner but did a marathon this year!

Hookedoncatnip Wed 15-Nov-17 09:39:25

Wow! @emummy that’s amazing. Well done.

Thanks for responding.

carrie74 Wed 15-Nov-17 18:35:43

Well done! I’d probably go back to week 5 again and see how it goes. It won’t feel like you need to go back to the beginning even if it’s not straightforward immediately. 3 weeks off isn’t that long, you’ll be grand!

TimeIhadaNameChange Fri 17-Nov-17 11:53:42

How are you getting on? I started the plan this week so the idea of "running" (or, rather, very slow jogging in my case) for a whole 20 minutes seems highly improbably, but I'll see. Am doing it on a treadmill so I can set my pace and keep to it.

Hookedoncatnip Fri 17-Nov-17 14:39:05

@TimeIhadaNameChange I thought I was doing really well considering that before I started the idea of running (also a very slow jog) for 20 minutes seemed like complete fantasy. However, I did keep going for 20 minutes. I was very slow but I was really proud to have achieved it. The last run I did felt harder but that was at the start of my cough/cold.

The NHS C25K podcast is brilliant. I have tried the C25K using a couple of other apps but not had the same progress. I'm not sure why. I would really recommend it. I would also recommend taking it one run at a time, going at your own pace and if necessary repeat a run if you don't feel ready to move on.

I think the beauty of it is that you can fit it into your day without too much upheaval. Each session is no longer that 30 minutes and then you're done.

SomewhatIdiosyncratic Fri 17-Nov-17 23:03:10

I'm a fan of the podcasts too. I find them more encouraging than apps.

Try the start of week 5 again. Repeat a run or two if necessary as it's that week that really jumps. The good news is that it takes longer to lose fitness than to gain it.

I ended up having a break of about a month around week 3/4 and picked back up at the start of week 3 again.

TimeIhadaNameChange Mon 20-Nov-17 14:53:39

Thanks, Hooked. Had my final Week 1 run today and it felt great! I upped the pace for the last run to 5mph which was possibly slightly too much since I had to fight my lungs to keep my breathing under control but I didn't need to reach for my inhaler and I completed it. My thought is that by going back down to 4.4mph for R2W1 it will feel like a doddle!

My only query is, that although my legs are fine afterwards (wouldn't really expect otherwise as I'm not exerting myself that much) my stomach muscles almost ache. Not badly so (hence the 'almost') but I am aware I've done something other than sitting on my backside all weekend! I'm assuming this is natural and will happen less over time...?

emma1282 Tue 21-Nov-17 20:16:49

Well are amazing!! Just get up and run. The first 1 minute while making the decision to run is important. Just wake up and run!! All the best.

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