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Fitbit charge HR 2 or alta 2?

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Questionfromage Mon 13-Nov-17 11:52:25

Or any other fitbit? My charge HR has broken again. This is my third one in 2.5 years. Fitbit have offered to replace it for free or a discount on another one. I'm reluctant to get another charge HR if it's just going to break so looking for alternatives. Anyone able to help me decide?! Thanks.

FindoGask Mon 13-Nov-17 15:49:05

I've got the Charge HR 2 and it's great. I've never had any other fitbit so I can't compare really, but I've had it since August and it has been both trouble-free and has done what I want from an activity tracker.

Questionfromage Wed 15-Nov-17 19:48:53

Thanks, I think I'll go for that one.

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