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Runner's what do you wear now it's getting colder?

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feral Fri 27-Oct-17 21:28:14

Looking for some advice really.

I’m doing couch to 5k and am getting into it now so need to buy some appropriate clothing.

The last few weeks have been mild but I went out for a run tonight and was freezing to start with before I warmed up running. Then I was boiling!

I was wearing a cotton t-shirt with a cotton hoodie over. Just normal non sport wear. I don’t like tight stuff. Am size 14. I have decent sport leggings that suit the purpose.

I can’t afford to go crazy. Please can anyone advise?

MiddlingMum Fri 27-Oct-17 22:16:58

I wear a long sleeved running top and a fleece jacket. I can unzip the fleece and tie it round my waist if I get too hot. I can also push up the sleeves of my top if I want to.

Like you, I don't like tight stuff, so usually buy running tops a size bigger than I would for normal clothes.

Chilver Fri 27-Oct-17 22:21:50

I have a short sleeve running top with a high zip neck from Sports direct (cheap) and a long sleeve, light weight running zip up sweatshirt from Primark (also cheap!) which I take off once past the warm up and tied round my waist. Also a size 14 and neither are too tight.

Sports Direct often do 2 tops for £15 or similar so worth a look.

BikeRunSki Fri 27-Oct-17 22:31:26

I've just come back from W5 R3. I've been into outdoor spots all my adult life, so I have plenty of kit to choose from, so i wore: capri length running leggings; long sleeved merino base layer; tall merino ankle socks; gore-tex cycling jacket (short slim jacket, pocket on back, lots of reflective bits. I'm also a size 14.

It is well worth investing in a merino top and merino socks for the colder weather. Warm and hardwearing but not sweaty. A shell jacket (wind/waterproof jacket) is good too, Keep an eye out in Aldi for both. Aldi running kit is decent enough.

Jeffjefftyjeff Fri 27-Oct-17 22:42:32

Also doing C25k and not sure about colder weather wear! So far I wear a thin fleece hoodie (over a t shirt) whilst doing the walking part and beginning of run, then tie hoodie round waist once get hot. I have a long sleeve top too which I'd wear as well if colder (the one time I wore it, i got too hot too quickly). Always wear long leggings due to ugly eczema on legs.

I got some stuff from bam clothing in the sale but it's pricey now. Otherwise Asda and Zara basic cotton stuff.

lljkk Sat 28-Oct-17 06:37:36

You can handle tight fit on legs but not top, So you just need tops?
I picked up a loose nylon sports top in a charity shop, it was from Sports Direct before that. Check the men's section, too.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sat 28-Oct-17 06:40:17

Definitely wear running tops, non sportswear just doesn't do the job properly imo. It doesn't have to be expensive, some cheap ranges out there.

feral Sat 28-Oct-17 07:53:34

Thank you for the advice. I’m off shopping later.

No offers at Aldi atm - bet those pop up next week when it’s too late!

Yeah, for some reason tight bottom half doesn’t bother me, as long as tummy is covered by tops smile

chipscheeseandgravy Sat 28-Oct-17 08:04:20

I used to do cycling and have lots of long sleeve cycling tops. I find those the best. They also have pockets at the back for phone/keys etc and often have fluorescent stripes on for the darker evening.
I’ve got a few muddyfox ones from sports direct and tend to wear the men’s sizing meaning there not tight and I can roll the sleeves up. I think it probably cost me about £10 if that.

RunningAddict Sat 28-Oct-17 08:06:31

I usually have leggings and a short sleeve running top with gloves on.

I find if my hands and ears are covered i don’t need my hoody unless it’s less than 0 outside smile

ScaryDuck Sat 28-Oct-17 08:50:40

Something like this from Decathlon would be useful. I wear something similar with a vest or technical t-shirt underneath. Cotton is particularly bad in winter - like you say, you'll overheat but the sweat has nowhere to go which then chills you as soon as you slow down.

shhhfastasleep Sat 28-Oct-17 11:41:31

Aldi lightweight cycling jacket over a running hoody off Amazon. And a baseball cap. I live in a very rainy city and, frankly, prefer to run in the rain. Cools me down and keeps where I run pedestrian free.

MaidOfStars Sun 29-Oct-17 11:13:13

I'm a cold runner. Well, I'm a cold person generally but I run at marathon pace, which is barely enough to make me warm.

I live and train in a NW national park; hilly, cold, snowy, blowy.

I wear (and get yourself ready for a long list):
Knickers/sports bra.
Long-sleeved base layer.
Long-sleeved hoodie.
Fleece-lined headband.
Buff, pulled up to my eyes.
Hood up over both.
Thin running gloves under thick woolly gloves, and I carry those clicky gel hndwarmers.
Long compression socks.
Fleece-lined leggings.

It's all proper sports gear so breathable etc.

I bet some of you are sweating even reading it....

emummy Sun 29-Oct-17 11:28:13

Today here in Aberdeenshire it was 6 degrees; I wore t shirt, sleeves, gilet, capris and trail socks. The sleeves and gilet came off during the run. When it gets down to below 5 I would wear long tights, if it's below 2 then winter tights, gloves, cap, t shirt, sleeves, long sleeved top and possibly gilet. I like having the flexibility of different layers to remove when bits of me get too warm. My Ronhill winter tights are one of my favourite pieces of kit.

PlugUgly1980 Sun 29-Oct-17 13:14:12

Love love love my long sleeve merino wool top! If it’s just cold, I’ll wear a technical running t-shirt over the top of it. If it’s wet or windy I’ll wear my Montane lightweight jacket. I have some thin Ronhill running gloves which I need as I suffer poor circulation so suffer with cold hands. Long full length leggings. I don’t get on with hats personally.

Nicketynac Sun 29-Oct-17 14:11:21

I can't bear a hat when I run, but get persistent earache with cold ears so I have a lightweight headband from Decathlon, black with silver reflective bits. Keeps my ears warm and my hair out of my eyes but doesn't get sweaty.

lljkk Sun 29-Oct-17 14:51:30

neck buff (or something similar) around my ears was a revelation; turns out I can handle any sort of cold+wet as long as my ears are warm.

I overheat pretty fast & am astonished at people who can wear lots of lycra while running, AND they run faster than me bastards.

MooseBeTimeForSnow Sun 29-Oct-17 15:03:35

MaidofStars Nope, not feeling sweaty. DH still runs daily, even at -30 and below. We live in Northern Canada.

Blackandpurple Mon 30-Oct-17 18:06:28

Long leggings, long sleeve top from Primark. Very thin but enough to cover. Buff over my ears.

shortaris1 Tue 31-Oct-17 20:19:49

maid I AM sweating reading that. Long sleeves and Capri's will be a struggle for me, though I do wear hat and gloves when it really cold but my body gets hot really quickly. And its not cos I run fast sadly!

timshortfforthalia Sun 05-Nov-17 09:17:33

Short sleeved top and leggings. If I try another layer, I end up taking it off after five minutes. And I run really slowly. Reckon I'm just naturally hot wink

MoreProseccoNow Sun 05-Nov-17 13:46:52

Have just purchased a lightweight fleece & thin jacket from Trespass outlet. Both tops have thumb holes & reflective bits. Their stuff is very cheap - hoping it’s reasonable quality.

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