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How to keep going

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chicken2015 Thu 26-Oct-17 21:51:47

Hello I have been a starter and stopper of exercise my adult life, I happily start all sorts and then after a while I give up after few weeks or so, ive just started couch to 5k literally day one completed 20 mins ago and im already worrying about stopping as thats the usual pattern , how do i change that and keep going?

Threehoursfromhome Thu 26-Oct-17 21:57:10

What do you find motivating? For me, I like to have a goal, so I sign up for a race - in particular if you can get sponsorship so other people are expecting you to finish - that motivates me. Then I want to get a better time, then I want to go further etc.

Some people like the social aspect of it, so join running clubs, and then go so that they are not letting the side down.

Some people like getting some time alone out of the house.

There has to be some additional reward IME, whatever that is - achieving goals, or having time to listen to a favourite podcast, or running in a place you find beautiful.

chicken2015 Thu 26-Oct-17 22:02:14

I had my first baby girl nearly 9 months ago and im finding being away from here to do exercise a reason at moment just need to not let the nagging feeling of giving up over take me like self fulfilling prophecy

emummy Fri 27-Oct-17 09:16:05

I was the same as I was always trying to lose weight and would give up when it didn't work. Then I decided that I would just concentrate on getting fit and ignore the scales. My main motivation for this was to be able to run about with my 3 dcs. So I started a local boot camp - which was so hard!- and then took up running a few months later. For me there are a few things that motivate me. I have lost 2 stone and don't want it back! I have a waist again and even some visible abs! I love feeling that my body is strong and can do things. I love the peace and freedom of running, both in town and in the woods with my dog. And I am very happy with my collection of shiny race medals! Running has taken me to any great places and given me amazing experiences, like running the London marathon this year and running in Glen Coe last year. If you can find something you enjoy it's a lot easier to stick with it.

carrie74 Sat 28-Oct-17 18:09:30

I’m not one of life’s natural exercisers, I don’t particularly enjoy it, but I want to be healthy and take care of my body. I see a PT fortnightly, and knowing I’ll be seeing him every 2 weeks makes sure I keep up the exercise in between, otherwise there’s little point in seeing him, and when I do, it’s REALLY hard, and I ache to buggery afterwards. So seeing him keeps me accountable in between. But I find doing the same thing 3 times a week quite boring, so although I have down C25k, and completed it a few times (most lately with my kids - we completed out first Parkrun together this morning grin), I also try to get to yoga once a week, run once or twice, do some weights at home (I tend to use Fitness Blender for some structure here), maybe go out on the bike, walk, play badminton with the kids - plenty of variety.

But I admit it’s easier now my kids are older. When my first was a baby, I did DVDs during her nap, and took up running, and when I had her as a toddler and then DS as a baby, I bought a Wii and did WiiFit. I’m much better equipped to workout at home now, and know lots of body weight exercises and know what makes good form so I don’t injure myself. Plus I have some hand weights, a couple of exercise mats and a kettlebell, so not loads of equipment, but enough to effectively workout at home.

MaidOfStars Sun 29-Oct-17 11:05:09

Team sport.

You have an obligation to your fellow members to show up.

Snehavaria2567 Mon 30-Oct-17 14:45:55

I don't particularly enjoy exercising. It's the feel good factor afterwards that's the reward for me. I find an hour's session is too long. So I aim for 20mins a day. I find mixing the activities up is more effective. So I alternate between high intensity training (Fitness blender is great for short routines), Zumba and yoga. My only investment is a yoga mat. You can get all the routines on the internet. I have gone from a size 10/12 to 8 in 6 months, the cellulite is gradually leaving and I am more proportionate so clothes fit better.
I swim on holidays and build walking into sightseeing.
Little and always is my motto.

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