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Where do you go for inspiration/motivation?

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Tricycletops Wed 25-Oct-17 11:38:04

I have to make a real effort to overcome my natural lazy git-ness, so I'm always looking for new sources of fitness inspiration. I really enjoy reading the threads on here as they remind me that it is possible to exercise when you have small children. Plus I'm a bit of a workout dilettante and like to change what I'm doing frequently, so reading about the different things everyone is up to gives me loads of ideas. I used to read some fitness blogs, but most of them have died away or changed focus and I haven't really found many new ones I like. So I was wondering - if you also like external inspiration and motivation, where do you find it?

mommybunny Wed 25-Oct-17 22:19:54

I ran a half marathon in May and a 10k in July and haven’t yet found my next “event” so I’m very de-motivated at the moment. Since last week I’ve been making a determined effort to get back into running, even if only 3-5k a time.

On my Twitter feed I follow a lot of running and health related magazines’ accounts. In between reading about the latest Trump outrage and Martha Stewart’s brownies there are loads of articles I can click on to get tips for long runs, tapering, etc. Even if I didn’t click on the articles just seeing them in the feed reminds me from time to time that I DO run, and that I really want to get back into a real training program. I’m sure I wouldn’t have started back up now if I hadn’t had that daily reminder.

Growingboys Thu 26-Oct-17 21:50:35

I follow lots of runners and yoga ppl on Insta and if I can’t be bothered to go for a run I scroll through them to make me get out there.

I also look at clothes websites to tempt me into something - if I’m considering buying something I want to look nice in it so that will get me out. I also wrote in my diary every day I do exercise so that I make sure I do three things a week.

Tricycletops Fri 27-Oct-17 09:52:08

Thanks both - I hadn't thought of fitness-related social media but will hunt out some to follow!

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