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Marathon Charity Fundraising Ideas

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revolution909 Thu 05-Oct-17 10:18:40

I've committed to run two marathons for Cats Protections for a total of £2400! I have 18 months to fundraise the money, so I'm sure it's enough time... but I only have a few ideas (like visiting the school, local Brownies, village fair...) but apart from that I'm out of ideas. Could you lovely ladies suggest me a few more??


emummy Thu 05-Oct-17 15:03:32

Ok, I haven't done this myself but it gets discussed a lot on the RunMummyRun Facebook group, so these are some of their suggestions:
quiz night +raffle, virtual race, cake sale, car boot sales, selling your charity's wristbands if they have them, bag pack at supermarket, sell space on your t shirt to local businesses, sell a mile of your race for £10/20, ladies night, pamper night, race night, car wash, tombola, Xmas hamper raffle, babysitting, ask your kids school if they would do a non-uniform day...hope that helps and good luck!

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