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C25k need encouragement

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skillsandtea Mon 25-Sep-17 10:53:17

I’m on W4D1 and finding it hard. Have done it twice now but starting to think I won’t be able to get to W8. Is this normal? Does it just get harder and harder? Does anyone have any tips of how to stay motivated please? I really need to do this. I’m not in any rush to get to 5k, but is Christmas achievable?

carrie74 Mon 25-Sep-17 11:43:35

I’m on W5 and very scared about the bigger runs coming up. I’ve dipped in and out of running for years, including running a 10k, so I know it’s possible, and when I was training for my 10k, I actually found 5k runs really pleasant.

It really is about keeping it going, slowing down if you need to but just keep going. You can do it.

Etymology23 Mon 25-Sep-17 14:04:57

I've done c25k before and am now doing it again, having fallen off the wagon. It is achievable just run really really slowly. Speed can come later. Just do it one bit at at a time - don't worry about the later weeks for now. You'll be building your fitness all the time.

Ginfernal Mon 25-Sep-17 14:08:49

When I struggle, I repeat a week until I am doing it comfortably

MissSueFlay Mon 25-Sep-17 14:14:30

Absolutely Christmas is achievable if you want to! There's nothing to stop you repeating weeks - but do try to stick to the 3 runs a week because that's what's building up your fitness and stamina. Forget about speed, concentrate on not walking or stopping during the running bits.

skillsandtea Mon 25-Sep-17 16:13:18

Ah thanks everyone! Good tip about slowing down. Always feel like run means proper run rather than jog to be effective. Will probably need to repeat each one a few times from now on. I found W1-3 ok. This week not so. I can do this even if it takes a lot longer than the 8 weeks! Happy running...

ThePerfect1IThinkNot Mon 25-Sep-17 16:48:17

Do you have anyone you could run with? It made all the difference for me. I'm in a running club and they run the c25k programme for anyone that is interested

skillsandtea Mon 25-Sep-17 21:24:31

Not really... I think I’d feel too pressured to run at the same pace as them. I also quite liked being plugged into my playlist.

Badgerlady Tue 26-Sep-17 02:37:52

What shoes are you using. I think about week 4/5 I got myself some cheap running shoes. They made a world of difference.

skillsandtea Tue 26-Sep-17 11:19:52

Trainers were brand new as my incentive to start running and I love them. Very comfy and that’s even with my flat feet!

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