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BBC How to stay young my plan

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antimatter Sat 23-Sep-17 11:24:53

I watched 2 episodes (link below) and TBF it terrified me because I am nearly 51 and recognise many of the symptoms that those 6 volunteers tracked so far have described.
Being overweight and hardly exercising I am definitely at least 75 if not more in actual body age. I am overweight and don't exercise near enough to hit 150 min a week which is recommended.

First step: I got myself Polar M430 Fitness Tracker. My Fitbit broke and I know that it was definitely making me be more active.
I am going to work out functionality on M430 to use it to encourage me to be more active and to track it. I researched activity watches for the last 3 days and I think this one fits my needs best. I want to make sure when I am working out my heart rate is in the right range.

So far I know from last night that I got 95% proper sleep last night. This is pretty good considering that not that long ago I was suffering from Insomnia.

here's link to the first episode

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