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Fitness after pregnancy

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harleysmammy Mon 10-Jul-17 00:33:36

Hi, I had my little boy 10 weeks ago and I think I'm ready to start getting back into shape. I was a 6-8 in clothes and had a very flat belly/abs before getting pregnant but I had ab separation when pregnant and so I now have a pregnancy pouch (loose skin). Although over the last 10 weeks it's definitely firmed up a bit and is now more fat than loose skin, I really want to loose the fat and get my flat belly back.

I walk an awful lot, I walked half a mile (not intentionally) 5 days after giving birth. I take my son for a walk every day and I live on a mountain so have to walk up a hill that is literally straight up, every day. That's been the only exercise I've really done since my baby boy was born. I sometimes do the odd plank over him when I've changed his nappy or do a few press ups over him and kiss him to make him a part of it. I don't really want to be doing press ups and things, I want to focus on planks/sit ups/things to firm my belly up.

Planking has been fine the odd time I've done it and I really want to get back into sit ups (I used to do the 30 day sit up challenge) but I have this thing where every time I go to do a sit up, I have flash backs of just giving birth and accidentally pulling my self up out of the bed like a sit up and the pain was horrible. Also the feeling inside my belly was just awful and I can't help but think about that even though I know it was because I had just had a baby a few hours previous and everything was all weird in my belly then. But the flashbacks of that moment put me of doing any sit ups etc.

Is there any other way tone up my stomach??

Thank you x

SomewhatIdiosyncratic Mon 10-Jul-17 23:37:54

Do a check for the separation (google diastasis recti). If it is still there, it will affect what is appropriate.

I'd look up specific postnatal programmes. I found the Erin O'Brien Postnatal Recovery DVD very good for rebuilding strength and bridging the way back to conventional exercise programmes

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