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Half Marathon thread

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Pikachuwithyourmouthclosed Fri 30-Jun-17 08:26:12

Anyone up for a bit of half m support?

I'm registered to run my first half m in early September.

I'm struggling a bit with motivation tbh. I think I peaked too soon - could have done it 6 weeks ago. I've got time to get prepared though - it's 8 weeks away and I'm not starting from scratch. The most important thing for me is to keep up the strength work or my knees go kerboom.

Anyone else?

GandolfBold Fri 30-Jun-17 15:02:22


I am signed up for a half marathon in late August and only started running 3 weeks ago! I have managed 5 miles today at target pace.

I am using the Asics app which I am finding helpful, and doing parkrun on Saturdays.

Pikachuwithyourmouthclosed Sat 01-Jul-17 02:47:00

Hello Gandolf!
We can do this.

I had a lovely run this morning - only 5k and very gentle, but very steep hills. At the moment anything is better than nothing.

I'm listening to Serial while I run. It's an hourly podcast where a woman tries to solve a murder from 15 years ago. It's not brilliant, but it's just interesting enough that it can persuade me out in the cold and rain to listen to the next episode.

mammymammyIRL Sat 01-Jul-17 18:23:00

Me please !
I did one two weeks ago today & it was an absolute disaster sad
I've another booked for 17th September.
Have 5 days of bootcamp next week so will run today or tomorrow, then do boot camps & run again next weekend & step it up a gear then.

GandolfBold Sat 01-Jul-17 22:05:22

Why was it a bad run mammy?

Thanks for the podcast tip. Never thought about listening to those but now have several true crime ones downloaded on my phone. 😊

mammymammyIRL Sat 01-Jul-17 22:34:24

It was about ten degrees hotter than any other day this year & I didn't hydrate properly but mainly it was my head. I'd done this half four years ago & got vomiting bug on the day & I don't know was it a mental block or what but I couldn't run, walked a lot of it but my legs weren't sore or I wasn't struggling for breath I just couldn't do it. Myself & dh had been fighting for a few days also.
My friend thinks maybe because my body isn't used to massive amounts of carbs that I struggled with digesting the extra I'd had.

I use music running to keep me going

Pikachuwithyourmouthclosed Sun 02-Jul-17 02:35:59

Welcome mammy.
How disappointing that must have been. Am intrigued by the idea of 5 days of bootcamp but no running. I think half of my training needs to be strength rather than running.

mammymammyIRL Sun 02-Jul-17 07:05:23

It's a four week course the five week days, there's running in it but not a proper run. I'll finish it out & then get back to my half marathon training.

I've not included strength training before for half & think I should approach it differently this time.

Did a 7km walk on beach yesterday evening, with dc though so speed didn't come into it, gave ds a piggyback for final km, probably counts for something smile

GandolfBold Sun 02-Jul-17 07:08:33

I am also trying to focus on strength, so am spending time in the gym and doing pirates as well as running. Off for a long run later.

revolution909 Sun 02-Jul-17 07:17:59

I just ran my first yesterday. My pace in the end was 10% lower than expected. I think hill reps is the answer. I'm very used to run hilly tracks and that gave me the edge. I basically did a couch to HM in 5 months, so definitely doable ;)

Pikachuwithyourmouthclosed Sun 02-Jul-17 08:44:57

Didn't know that doing pirates could be a part of the training grin

Pikachuwithyourmouthclosed Sun 02-Jul-17 08:53:17

I was supposed to run today but I drank wine instead. Oh bum.

Here's my plan for this week:

Run to bootcamp (about 6k)
bootcamp (60m)
Run home (7k)
Zumba in the evening (not really training, but a nice loosen up / stretch)

Short run (what do you think? 8k? )
Aqua running class 60m (good for my knees)

Depends - poss rest, poss boxing class. Will see how I'm feeling.

Longer run (10 - 12k)

Bootcamp (will run there and back as Mon if feeling good, will drive if knackered / worried about knees)

What do you think? Am worried I'm being a bit too gentle on myself, but at the same time nervous of buggering my knees by doing too much (done that once before and there's no coming back from itin time for the race)

Pikachuwithyourmouthclosed Sun 02-Jul-17 08:54:37

Well done revolution! Have you got another one in your sights?

revolution909 Sun 02-Jul-17 09:29:14

Yup Severe bridge is next for me. IMO you should aim for runs longer than 15k

mammymammyIRL Sun 02-Jul-17 13:14:57

Pik mon sounds intense! No way could I run 14k & do 60 mins of bootcamp

shortaris1 Sun 02-Jul-17 17:49:04


Only started running in January and got a half at the beginning of Oct. Two weeks into my training plan and doing 3 x weights sessions, 1 body attack, 1 body balance and 3 runs. Runs are 1 x interval training, 1 5k race and 1 longer run.

Need to get a balance with social stuff though as I'd let that slip and I miss it!

GandolfBold Sun 02-Jul-17 20:37:47 long run turned flat and only managed 1.5miles before stopping. Had a bit of a bad day with some.bad news from my brother and think I was thinking about it too much.

Need to organise my Bluetooth headphones and understand how they actually work so I can listen to all the podcasts I downloaded yesterday.

Think I need to stop garmin-watching too. Might start using my strata app and then using my Garmin to time how long I have run for.

GandolfBold Sun 02-Jul-17 20:38:09


revolution909 Sun 02-Jul-17 21:48:06

Garmins are the best!! In my experience Strava isn't that accurate

GandolfBold Sun 02-Jul-17 21:52:12

The problem is I just stare at it and see how many miles I have done. On Friday I did my best run ever because I wasn't able to.xonnect to GPS so could only time.

Pikachuwithyourmouthclosed Mon 03-Jul-17 00:41:11

What's Strava? What's Garmin?

Turns out I can't count so my 14k to bootcamp and back was actually only 7k.

Still, better than nothing.

Am feeling slightly more on track...except for not actually running particularly long distances. Details.

Also need a new podcast. Finished Adnan Sayed and not as taken with the soldier in series 2.

revolution909 Mon 03-Jul-17 05:54:11

A Garmin is a Fitbit with GPS enabled (the watch has unlike some fitbits that use the phone GPS). Strava is an app that a lot of runners use. I use it to keep track of my runs and then share them on Facebook, but you can also use it as a "GPS recording" app.

GandolfBold Mon 03-Jul-17 09:18:16


What are people eating to fuel their runs? I feel like I m falling into the trap of trying to eat 'healthily' and I am actually not eating enough to fuel the runs which is why they are feeling sluggish.

Have read a lot about carbs vs fat fuelled runs and feel more confused than ever!

Pikachuwithyourmouthclosed Mon 03-Jul-17 09:52:48

Thanks revolution. I use an app called runkeeper to track my runs on my phone. Have used it for ages. Works okay for me but I've nothing to compare it with.

Gandolf - I will typically have a desert spoon of peanut butter on a rice cake before a run (with butter sometimes). Eggs and dark green veg afterwards (with rice if I'm hungry and trying to avoid snacking).

Thinking back to when i was running longer distances i think i used to have a protein shake before a run. Might try that again once I've got my distances up.

Pikachuwithyourmouthclosed Mon 03-Jul-17 09:56:45

Here's the list of who's running when...

Gandolf - late August
Pikachu - Sept 3rd
MammyIRL - Sept 17th
Shortaris - early Oct
Revolution - when's yours?

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