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Mummysh0rtlegs Tue 27-Jun-17 21:39:19

I started exercising last summer after physio pushed me into it. I now go to 5-7 classes a week. Today I did a tough dance aerobics class and then a spinning class. I feel so proud of what I have managed to achieve. Sadly I have a messed up hip so can't run any more and I feel like all the big challenges and milestones and exercise events are not open to me. So, today I just wanted to say I feel proud of myself. I am not training for anything, there isn't a goal but I am keeping going.

Anyone else feeling proud?

bruffin Tue 27-Jun-17 21:43:06

Well done especially spinning found it hard work
i now go to
2 aqua classes
A swim and stamina class
Fitball pilates
Egym x 2 to 3
And another 1 to 2 hours swim a week
This is since april. Before this i did just swimming

Borntoflyinfirst Tue 27-Jun-17 21:45:24

Well done! Good for you.

I'm pretty pleased that I am still on target to do the couch to 5k. I had to take 3 weeks off due to a knee injury that just wouldn't get better (well it did when I actually stopped running!) but got back up and carried on! At the weekend I ran for 15 mins straight plus a little more after a walk. I'm not a natural runner. I don't enjoy it particularly but I do like the feeling of achieving a little more each time so I WILL make it!

Sirzy Tue 27-Jun-17 21:46:47

Well done everyone!

I have gone from being 7 stone overweight and struggling to walk to running my 3rd half marathon this weekend.

Mummysh0rtlegs Tue 27-Jun-17 22:04:49

Wish I could swim, I am absolutely rubbish at it! I can make it across the pool and nack and then totally pooped!

So lovely to have these things to be proud of, amazing what we can achieve.

Sirzy - epic, what an achievement.

SkiBike007 Tue 27-Jun-17 22:23:09

Two years ago I could barley walk with a back injury, I now run 2-3x a week and swim 2x a week and love feeling fit and strong again. My back issue will never go fully away but I'm helping myself to stay strong. Plus abit of you tube yoga smile

SkiBike007 Tue 27-Jun-17 22:24:29

It's really lovely sometimes to give yourself a pat on the back Well Done all star
I had shit day with work but this has made me smile.

Mummysh0rtlegs Tue 27-Jun-17 22:30:49

My back is pretty messed up too, it was my physio that explained that by doing Nothing I wasn't making myself better. It is so easy to wallow and live on tramadol. Sometimes I am in too much pain and have to miss a session, but I get back.

SkiBike - well done smile feeling fit is one of the best feelings

Bobbiepin Tue 27-Jun-17 22:34:48

Sounds brilliant, well done! I'm chomping at the bit to get back to running once the pregnancy sciatica and back pain goes!

bruffin Tue 27-Jun-17 22:35:04

I can swim all day, i did 5k swimathon last april which took me 2.5 hours. But have never bn able to run, and as said above the spin class nearly finished me

Mummysh0rtlegs Tue 27-Jun-17 22:41:06

That's the thing I never realised about exercise, you have to find what works. Keep trying stuff until you find what works for you and you enjoy.

At school I was the fat, wheezy kid and I never imagined in my 30's and with a 1 and 4 year old I'd suddenly find my groove.

Boppiepin - that desire is what gets me in the gym. Sometimes (after the kids, when my hip and back are really flaring, post surgery) I cannot go to the gym, I can barely walk. So I remind myself of how I longed to go when I couldn't and it gets me out the door.

5km is unbelievable, wow. I really must go and get some adult lessons, my 4 year old can swim better than me!

SkiBike007 Wed 28-Jun-17 02:29:14

It was watching my kids learn to swim which has inspired me the last 4yrs to get back into swimming. I've finally taught myself front crawl after not being able to do it for the last 40+yrs grin it feels great to learn something new as an adult.

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