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Recurring tears in calf muscle when running

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PorridgeHoneyCake Sat 24-Jun-17 18:44:54

I slipped whilst running and tore a calf muscle about two years ago and since then it's happened a further three times.

I've done all the right stuff. I take recovery seriously, I stretch, I lost weight (a stone), I got insoles for high arches and it's just happened again (no slip this time) after 3 km when I'm used to doing 6 km minimum.

I am being so careful with stretching and starting slowly but I'm slowly losing the will here. Should I give up?? My dream is a half marathon. I want to do this and used to be able (pre injury) to run 20 km no problem.

I guess I'm looking for supportive stories and top tips on how to overcome this. Help?

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