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Body Pump and Back Pain

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user1486669405 Tue 13-Jun-17 18:25:44

I do body pump @ 3 X per week. Lately I have been having back pain afterwards. Am never sure if it is back pain or muscle ache.

I moved up in weights for the chest section last night which was basically bench pressing and my upper back has been so painful today. How do know when f it is a problem pain or just muscle pain?

I don't know what is normal. My back often hurts during the squat tracks, when I have the heaviest weights in the bar. Is that normal?

I try to follow the instructors advice for technique and correct anything she says.

Do other people get back pain? I never used to get any problems when the weights were lower.

sinpan Tue 13-Jun-17 21:56:16

Could you be tensing your shoulders? Can't see why you would have back pain from bench press or squatting if your technique is good.

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