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Sciatica and running

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Bobbiepin Wed 31-May-17 23:07:43

Hi everyone, I'm almost 19 weeks and was a regular runner before first trimester exhaustion put paid to that. I recently went back to parkrun, took it slow and easy (had to keep reminding myself it wasn't about the time) but either way ended up in agony later in the day. Doctor said its sciatica - nothing really to worry about etc etc but to stop running until after the baby is born. I'm still doing yoga but I would run (and weight train) for my mental health and stress relief as much as any physical benefit. To be honest I'm starting to go a bit stir crazy without some decent form of exercise - I love the feeling of knowing I've done something challenging and good for me. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions about what I can safely do for the next 4 months please?

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