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Running & hydration

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thisgirlrides Mon 29-May-17 11:32:41

I struggle to run more than 20/30mins without a drink but Dh thinks this is ridiculous & I just need to drink more the rest of the time! Is he right & what sort of time running is generally acceptable to be needing a drink?

I don't drink gallons but always felt I was drinking normal amounts - typical day is couple of cups of coffee, cup of water first thing & before bed, sometimes a Diet Coke or squash, tea mid-evening & whole water bottle when running or cycling.

Any other bottle hugging runners out there or do I need to up my day-to-day water intake?

emummy Mon 29-May-17 12:32:56

I think you maybe need a bit more water or squash, coffee being more dehydrating. In saying that I think fluid when exercising is quite variable and depends on how much you do. When I was starting out I always took water. Gradually I got fitter and now would only take water on a run of 10 miles or more, and there will be people who would go a lot further than that. That also varies with the weather, I have taken water on all my runs lately! You could try going without water on a run for a certain length of time and see how you get on, sometimes it's more psychological isn't it, the things we think we need!

emummy Mon 29-May-17 12:34:59

Sorry, meant to say, if you are happy drinking that much, you don't really need to change! It's only a problem if it bothers you, not anyone else - or if you always need to stop for a toilet break in the bushes!

SomewhatIdiosyncratic Mon 29-May-17 16:49:17

My need for water has gone down as I've got more used to running. Generally I don't need water for less than an hours running unless it's particularly warm weather. I've been training for a HM recently and even on hot days of running 2 hours, I have had spare drink from the 2x 300ml bottles on my belt.

I tend to drink in the hour before I head out using the DC's 200ml cups so I don't bloat.

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