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AIBU - spinning at 17 wks?

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lydiangel83 Sun 28-May-17 08:42:29

Hi I can't get clear advice online - do your think it's ok to go spinning at 17+3?

Pre-pregnancy I went probably once a week and running once or twice a week so reasonable level if fitness but not done any cardio for months since feeling morning/ all day sick. All fine now and keen to tone up my big bum thighs and arms!

Thoughts / experiences welcome!!!

MrsStinkey Sun 28-May-17 09:14:57

I did rpm through my whole pregnancy and only stopped at 38 weeks due to being a wee bit uncomfortable by then! Previously one of the instructors did it pregnant with twins up to 36 weeks so im guessing as long as you're in good health it's fine. You may have to slightly change your bike setup as your bump gets bigger.

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