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Hiit videos which one...

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creamcheeseandlox Sat 27-May-17 22:03:38

I want to start doing some hit training at home with YouTube vids. Which ones do people recommend. Putting it into the search brings up the body coach, are his ones good? I want to one about 3 times a week. Any recommendations?

Designerenvy Sat 27-May-17 22:09:34

The 30 day shred by JillIan Michaels. It's circuit training g based on hiit as far as I know. Did it a year and a half ago and got great results. Did it today and thought I'd die grin.... a great workout, 20mins long plus warm up and cool down .... I might not be able to move tomorrow. ..but then I'm very in fit at the moment blush

Designerenvy Sat 27-May-17 22:10:02


roofio87 Mon 29-May-17 19:21:45

The fitness blender ones are good. I like the woman in them, very down to earth and encouraging of doing what you can while pushing yourself!

beela Mon 29-May-17 19:25:58

I like the Jillian Michaels ones too. I've got 30 day shred and ripped in 30. They definitely make a difference.

wheresmywand Mon 05-Jun-17 19:03:55

I've just started using Fitnessblender - I think they have the most (and best) hiit workouts I also like blogilates has some good videos and also popsugar fitness.

NotAClueReally3 Fri 16-Jun-17 11:30:23

Millionaire Hoy ones are brilliant.

RiversDisguise Fri 16-Jun-17 21:54:06

Shred is good but not HIIT.

Try Nicky Holender's first STRONGER workout (free on youtube)

OR a Tabata workout. Julia Bognar has some great ones.

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