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Going from 5k to 10k

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monkeysaurus Mon 22-May-17 15:03:58

Hi there. Hope someone can help.

I am on my last week of C25K this week and am feeling very comfortable. I will be going straight into the 5k to 10k next week.

I am running the 5K race for life in July. I want to register for a 10k at the beginning of September HOWEVER I will be away for three consecutive weeks over July and August with no chance for any runs but plenty of walking. Is the 10K going to be doable with all that time off?

Currently running 4k in the 28 minutes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Stewart2017 Thu 25-May-17 13:28:26

As you have decent pace at 4k and 5k already you will be able to 10k.
I ran my first 10k few months ago and I had NEVER ran further than 6k in my life. I struggled with Parkrun 5k's bit I needed the race to focus on and keep me going.

Keep walking and a few runs before your 10k and you'll find the crowds and other runners at 10k race will spur you on to finish.

EmpressOfTheSpartacusOceans Thu 25-May-17 13:33:28

Come & join us on the thread if you'd like company.

monkeysaurus Thu 25-May-17 15:43:59

That's great thanks for your advise.

I will go over and have a look at that thread.

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