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Running - Any Cheap DIY alternatives to a Buband/Booband?

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styledilemma Sun 21-May-17 17:57:43

I've recently taken up running but am thinking of jacking it in, because I can't seem to find a suitable sports bra. (I'm on bra No. 3 already)
I've heard about Bubands, but don't want to through yet more money at the situation, especially if there's a cheaper alternative out there.

Has anybody made a homemade one out of elastic bandage? Stretchy material?

styledilemma Sun 21-May-17 17:58:29

through not through

PassiveAggressiveLunchbox Sun 21-May-17 18:05:53

I happened across this on Amazon today. I couldn't understand how it works. Anyway, I have enormoboobs and love the panache under wire sports bra, if you haven't tried it yet.

CMOTDibbler Sun 21-May-17 18:09:57

You just need a better bra - have you looked on Less Bounce or Booby Doo for advice on the best ones for your size? The Enell one doesn't let anything move!

SvartePetter Sun 21-May-17 18:14:14

I doublebra, as in one of my normal wired ones underneath and a sports bra over.

styledilemma Sun 21-May-17 18:20:01

I've tried doublebraing and I end up not being able to breath properly and I get too hot.

I can see a boob band working really well over a sports bra.
I just wondered if a very big elastic bandageand some safety pins would do just as good a job confused

Im buying new running shoes next week so am trying to cut corners in other areas.

styledilemma Sun 21-May-17 18:21:04

I will check out the Enell bra.

PassiveAggressiveLunchbox Sun 21-May-17 18:23:26

This was recommended on another thread recently.

MumIsRunningAMarathon Sun 21-May-17 18:24:55

Hey, don't give up just yet!

There's loads of choice out there... and solutions

Runmummyrun on Facebook will know. Join up and post the question, you'll get all the support (both types!) you need!

styledilemma Sun 21-May-17 18:34:46

I'm fed up with running with my arms wedged to my sides.
Men don't know how lucky they are. shock

BWatchWatcher Sun 21-May-17 18:41:48

Have you tried shock absorber? They're super!
The weirdly named Wiggle
Has very good value sports bras including shock absorber.

FriendshipBraclet Sun 21-May-17 18:43:18

I have big boobs and run wearing shock absorber.

Jayjain98 Tue 23-Apr-19 15:27:00

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