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Pole Fitness

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Misericord Sun 21-May-17 11:08:12


I'm planning to do some taster sessions of pole dancing/pole fitness (depending on your preference).

Could anyone recommend a good London place that does pole fitness beginners classes? Pole People looks good but would be good to hear any personal experiences.

I am quite worried about trying it but looking for something new to build strength and muscle. I'm about 5ft 2 and weigh ten and a half stone so I am overweight, and have weak T. rex arms... so maybe I'm being silly anyway.


Misericord Sun 21-May-17 22:00:22

Hopeful bump?

Coulddowithanap Mon 22-May-17 16:21:37

I have some friends who do pole fitness, they love it and I would love to try it too but the class times aren't any good for me.

They have some larger ladies in their class so it's not just for the slim.

Sorry can't recommend their group as it's not London based.

Eastpoint Mon 22-May-17 16:26:48

There's a place in Hammersmith, W6 that teaches it. They do aerial yoga too.

Gymbox does too, there are 3 or 4 branches

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