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Spor injury

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madein1995 Thu 18-May-17 15:18:24

Yesterday I hurt my ankle when in the gym. Took 10 minutes and then continued training (daft, but didn't TOO bad). Ankle was very swollen (size of swelling was about a tennis ball if that makes sense, sure it was caused by carrying on training), treated with ibuprofen, co codamol for the pain (wuss emoticon) and ice. Today after rest my ankle hurts a lot less, I'm still limping and there is a bit of pain, but it's not so swollen, although it is still a bit swollen. Sure it's not broken as I wouldn't be able to walk on it, surely. Not exercising today, but I was thinking when it would be sensible to go back to it, and would swimming be a good way to ease my way back into it, rather than going straight back to the gym. Does anyone more experienced have any ideas?

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