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Running in the rain

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VittysCardigan Sun 14-May-17 22:39:18

What do you wear when the weather is bad? I've just stared C25K & the weather is looking terrible for my run tomorrow. I will have to muddle through for now but will need to invest in some wet weather gear.

mammymammyIRL Sun 14-May-17 23:02:01

Layers - long sleeved top under regular tech tshirt & maybe sleeveless rain jacket if it's very bad.
Tbh I usually avoid running in the rain it's just miserable

RedBugMug Sun 14-May-17 23:05:07

just dress for the temperature.
you need to shower after anyway.
tbh I like running in light rain, feels refreshing and not as many dogs about

VittysCardigan Sun 14-May-17 23:20:19

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow much, forecast is for heavy rain. However I've just started and don't want to miss a run as I'm trying to get a routine going. Will go for layers and a hot shower when I finish

Chesterfuckingdraws Sun 14-May-17 23:29:44

I only add a long sleeved top ( but have to push the sleeves up to mid forearm) even in the worst downpours I just get far too hot. If rain is likely I wrap my phone in a sandwich bag so it stays dry in my running belt, put on a jumper and go.
I just can't cope with layers and waterproof stuff even in winter. I must look ridiculous to anyone that sees me but never mind it doesn't do me harm 😁

BollardDodger Mon 15-May-17 12:45:07

Reminds me of the PE lessons at school where we didn't get a choice of what we wore if it rained!
Can't you just wear your normal stuff if you would usually wash it afterwards anyway?

CinderellasBroom Mon 15-May-17 12:48:39

I just get wet, and it's OK once I get going, but since I turned my ankle on an uneven bit of pavement because I couldn't see out of my (rain-smeared) glasses, I've avoided going out in heavy rain.

I do prefer sports socks if I'm going to get wet feet, though, as normal ones feel awful while the running ones I've got (from Lidl) seem not to get as soggy or cold.

welshweasel Mon 15-May-17 12:51:52

I love running in the rain! I just wear my normal running gear, you soon warm up.
Leave a towel/dressing gown by the door and strip off and straight into the shower when you get back. It does help having two pairs of trainers as they can take a day or two to dry out afterwards though! I trained for a marathon over one of the most hideous winters we've had in recent years. Every single long run was in the rain, snow or hail. Learnt to love it!

BollardDodger Mon 15-May-17 12:53:41

Put newspaper in the trainers to help dry them out

helenfagain Mon 15-May-17 13:02:47 I have one of these for really heavy rain, which is fab.

VittysCardigan Mon 15-May-17 13:10:12

I decided against it this morning and have done today's run at the gym in my lunch break instead

TriJo Mon 15-May-17 13:39:42

At this time of year? T-shirt and loose shorts. I hate wearing leggings in the rain because it just holds the water on you.

standingonlego Mon 15-May-17 19:57:53

Longer layers, but the most useful thing I find is a cap. It keeps the rain out of my eyes and soggy hair out my face

standingonlego Mon 15-May-17 20:02:59

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