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Aqua Zumba - any good?

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SamoanSamosa Fri 12-May-17 18:05:10

I have been doing fitness classes for a few months and get red faced, sweaty and out of breath within minutes. I have stopped aching after classes now and am fitter and stronger and beginning to see some muscle definition. I'm really enjoying it.

I tried an aqua Zumba class and didn't get out of breath, does that mean it's not doing much for me? I enjoyed it so maybe I should try normal Zumba instead? Is there any value to the Aqua Zumba if I'm not out of breath?

catzts Mon 15-May-17 18:20:55

I'm an aqua fit and Aqua ZUMBA instructor. When you get into the pool your heart rate drops. If your resting hr in the water is lower so will be your working hr. If you are fit this means that you'll perceive the exercise to be easier than a land based class. I can assure you, your heart is still doing the same amount of work. With a lower working hr this means that you can work out at a higher intensity for longer without fatigue.
If you have low BP please check with your dr/midwife before attending aqua classes in case this isn't suitable for you.
I hope this helps smile

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