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Best swimming watch?

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rocket74 Wed 10-May-17 20:39:43

I've been looking at swimming watches but I cannot work out which one is the best.
I'd like to know how many laps I'm doing, my times, set the pool length, be able to use in open water, so overall distance recording , use as a regular watch and also has a pedometer function.
I thought the misfit shine swimmer - but have read too many bad reviews of the middle popping out.
Lots of other reviews for other watches seem to say they are dubious about the lap counting.
Is the TOMTOM any good?
I swim front crawl if that makes any difference?
I have about £85 to spend if anyone can help me!

CMOTDibbler Thu 11-May-17 21:24:51

I have a Garmin 910XT which I use for pool and OW swimming and its great. It does occasionally miss a length, but its maybe 1 in 60 at most

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