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Loch Ness Marathon

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Marvellousmarg Wed 03-May-17 17:03:16

Anyone doing this one this year, or have you run it in the past?

I am considering applying for a place, it really appeals to me but looks quite hilly and this would be my first full marathon.

Advice or experience would be very welcome!

Marvellousmarg Thu 04-May-17 22:21:50


Should i move this thread to Scotsnet?

emummy Fri 05-May-17 06:51:35

Sorry, I've looked at it but not done it! It does seem to be a bit hilly early on, then downhill/flat into town. It does get good reviews, you could have a look on runners world, they do race reviews.

LooksBetterWithAFilter Fri 05-May-17 06:55:10

Dh did it last year was his first marathon he'd done a few halfs before.
It is a bit hilly at the start but I believe there was only one hill that he felt was hard work near the start but after that it wasn't too bad. He's just getting dressed I'll ask him when he comes down.
Do you live up here and know the area?

LooksBetterWithAFilter Fri 05-May-17 07:29:38

Ok dh says it is bloody hilly and the gigantic hill is 17-18 miles in. First 7-8 miles is all downhill so don't use that to run too fast.
The last 2 ish miles you are coming in to town and the streets get busier with people cheering you on and this did make a difference to dh spurred him on for the last bit and he came round a corner to find me, dd, my friend and 2 of his friends squealing and cheering. grin he heard me before he seen me.
He says that as long as you are prepared for it you'll be fine but if you want flat Edinburgh comes down off the mound and is reasonably flat after that. He did Loch Ness in 4:29. Pooh do it me and dd will come and cheer you on.
I've just started running but fancy doing the 10k on the marathon day.

Marvellousmarg Sat 06-May-17 21:50:19

Thanks Looksbetter that's really helpful. I've actually gone and done it and signed up for this!!

I'm originally from Scotland so know the road out to Dores, I've driver round that wAy but never run! I live down south. The big hill at mile 18 is scaring me. How long does it last? Is it less than a mile?

I did the Great Scottish run (Glasgow half) and found it was hilly especially Pollok park.

Does he have any good training advice he could share?

LooksBetterWithAFilter Sun 07-May-17 07:45:24

Yay fantastic it is a beautiful course I will give it that.
Dh says the hill is probably around a mile shock training tips really are just work on your hill game and really do remember those downhills at the beginning and not to let them make you go too fast at the start.
And I have only been running after a 4 year break for four weeks now and I've signed up for the 10k on the same day. I can't even currently run 5k but I've just treated myself to a new pair of trainers and I'm ready to work for this. I'm nearly 40 and I little bit squishy round the middle grin

I know people that think the big hill in the Glasgow half is worse than the Loch Ness marathon if that is any consolation too.

LooksBetterWithAFilter Sun 07-May-17 07:46:34

Oh and if you are booking a hotel for the weekend up here do it soon the ones in town fill up fast on the marathon weekend.
Might bump into you smile

Marvellousmarg Sun 07-May-17 16:22:06

Go for it! Im a decade older than you! New trainers need to earn their jeep.
I have a feeling I will be looking enviously at the 10k course on the day.

I will look out for you! I will be running for Royal Marsden charity - wearing a spotty multicoloured top!

Thanks for advice. You were right so glad I got our Hotel booked now.

That is a consolation and makes the big hill seem far less scary, although the Pollok park hill is at 6 miles not 18!

I can't even imagine running that far just now. Had a break recently to recover from an injury. I'm up to 6 miles .but.. plan starts properly at beginning of June...

Loads of time ..... right??

Marvellousmarg Sun 07-May-17 16:22:24


LooksBetterWithAFilter Sun 07-May-17 17:33:55

Where are you staying?
Yeah the new trainers definitely need to earn their keep I splashed out a bit because my old ones were getting uncomfortable. I haven't decided on a charity yet but I think I'll do it sponsored. Hopefully anyone who knows me and how out of shape I currently am will dig dee to support me and get me off the couch. When I bought the trainers I was trying to figure out how close I could park to the shop grin
We should meet up if we can. The 10k finishes first so I will try and look out for you at the finish. I tracked dh when he did it so I managed to cheer him on at the last mile point and dashed across the islands to get to the finish before him.

Marvellousmarg Sun 07-May-17 20:32:04

Staying at the Premier Inn.

😂I did the same when buying my running shoes! Parked up just round the corner, on a meter.

Definately. When I finally make it to Inverness i will need all the cheers I can get!

LooksBetterWithAFilter Sun 07-May-17 20:37:13

we should definitely try and meet up. I'll try not to complain that I'm broken after running 10k.
Dd is 13 and I remember just after dh finished she said to me that she was tired and her legs were sore from standing around grin thankfully she did follow that up with this probably isn't the time to complain about that. 😂
I'm feeling really excited now I've signed up. Do you have any idea what time you're hoping for?

Marvellousmarg Mon 08-May-17 14:09:44

You could be waiting a while! I think my family are going to be really bored! I'm not a fast runner at all.

I'm hoping for something under 6 hrs but as it's my first marathon who knows! My half pb is 2.31, for the full, I think I will be happy to finish it without injury!

LooksBetterWithAFilter Mon 08-May-17 15:49:22

There's plenty bars with outside seating on the last bit into town I'm sure they will amuse themselves 😂
That's where I'll be heading after I'm finished hopefully feeling very proud of my medal.

Marvellousmarg Mon 08-May-17 21:50:17

They'll be pleased to hear that!
And as long as they have a big plate of fish and chips waiting for me. I'll be happy 😀

LooksBetterWithAFilter Mon 08-May-17 22:34:26

Therr is plenty of places that can make that wish come true. I'm looking forward to a nice glass of wine at the end.
Dh was desperate for a McDonalds after his marathon.

Wrongornot Tue 30-May-17 20:57:23

How is training going now?

Excluding the obvious milestone life events - running the Loch Ness Marathon last year was the highlight of my life! grin

It is such a great day! Wear something warm and disposable for the start (charity shop hoodie or such like) - it was FREEZING last year! Other than that, pace yourself, do what you did in your training runs and ENJOY EVERY SECOND!

We headed up to the beach at Nairn afterwards for a dip in the sea and fish and chips on the beach - was just the best day!

We camped last year - found such a lovely campsite if anyone is interested?

(obviously I will be there again this year!)

Marvellousmarg Mon 26-Jun-17 20:56:14

Wrongornot that sounds great. Better than an ice bath!
Good tip about keeping warm at the start. Thanks.

Training is going ok. My injury from Feb Is completely healed and I did a 10k race a couple of weekends ago and ran a 7 miler yesterday.

I'm using the London Marathon 17 week training for Marathon beginners.

Taking it a week at a time. I'm very slow but I'm doing it! Got a place in a half at the end of July.

Marvellousmarg Sun 02-Jul-17 09:47:51

8 miles this morning. Completely done in now.

Cannot imagine running 26 right now!

This doesn't get any easier does it?

elspethmcgillicuddy Sun 15-Oct-17 22:04:02

I know this is an old thread but I have just booked a place for next year. How did it go OP?

Marvellousmarg Mon 16-Oct-17 20:08:44

You will love it Elspeth!

I was tough but amazing!
I'm so glad I chose this one. We had a great time staying in Inverness.
Loads to do for the kids.
So friendly and well run.
Highly recommend it.

Beware it is hilly! And it was freezing and blowing a gale at the start so take layers and a bin bag!

Marvellousmarg Mon 16-Oct-17 20:11:15

It was tough

While I'm on how did your 10k going looksbetter?

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