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Horizontal to Half help

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AvonCallingBarksdale Wed 03-May-17 11:31:40

Help please! I've just entered a half marathon in October this year. I've previously done a 10k as my furthest distance, which I did in 59 mins.... 5 years ago. What's a good training plan that's not going to expect me to already be running 5k without stopping?! I've got 22 weeks to go from horizontal to 13 miles - anyone else doing similar, feel free to join this thread smile. TIA

overmydeadbody Wed 03-May-17 13:02:21

Good luck! grin

I'm sure if you are dedicated and sick to a plan you will do it!

I'd try to run five times a week and build up the distance gradually but steadily every week.

You'll be training over the summer so try to run first thing in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the hottest weather.

AvonCallingBarksdale Wed 03-May-17 13:48:44

My goals are low really - just to finish and run all the way. Not bothered about times.

Esssss Wed 03-May-17 13:52:44

There's an app called Aaptiv that has some brilliant running training Programmes.

CMOTDibbler Wed 03-May-17 14:07:39

You've got time - start with the c25k programme, then follow a plan like this one to gradually build up your long run

SomewhatIdiosyncratic Thu 04-May-17 22:54:47

Build up to 5k with C25k. That's the tough stage. 5k to 10k gets easier. Assuming 10 is around an hour, building up to 2 hours isn't nearly as bad as it sounds. When training, I tend to get up to about 10 miles in 2 hours.

princessbear80 Fri 05-May-17 14:01:07

Hi, I was about to start a similar thread so glad I've found this one!! I'm doing an October half too. Have done two halfs before, the last one was two years ago and I've had a baby since then. Got back to 10K after the baby, but then Christmas/house move/back to work happening and I'm back to not very fit at all. Managed a slow two miles today, will just build up from here. Haven't found a plan yet, have you Avon?

MumIsRunningAMarathon Fri 05-May-17 14:09:18

I've done quite a few halfs

There are lots of apps out there ( I liked the asics plan) which can help loads

Good luck! Which one are you doing? I'm running Reading half next year again but looking at Peterborough for this autumn

princessbear80 Fri 05-May-17 21:40:41

Just downloaded the asics app, looks great although the plan it's given me is 4 runs a week, I can only do 3. Any suggestions for an app/plan for 3 runs a week?

QuestaVecchiaCasa Sat 06-May-17 15:29:29

princessbear you can use the Asics "edit my plan" button on the "plan options" section to reduce the number of weekly runs to either 3 or 2 runs per week. You can reschedule runs as well if they clash with another activity.

I've used Asics to help me train for a 10k tomorrow and if that goes well then I may use it again to train for my first Half later in the summer. I pretty well kept to the plan but found the "jogging" pace painfully slow (gave me pains in the ankles and the bottom of my foot which I never get when running at a faster pace) so sometimes substituted a slow bike ride for a similar length of time.

princessbear80 Fri 12-May-17 10:16:00

Thanks Questa, that worked.
How is everyone's running going? Ran twice this week, but I've caught a cold and had a really busy week, so doubt I'll fit the third one in.

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