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Exercise suggestions please!

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flutterworc Fri 28-Apr-17 04:47:58

Was going to NC, but sod it: ownership, right?!

I have a LOT of weight to lose (10st or thereabouts) and need to kick on as TTC#2. So. Parameters:

- Doable at home (too self-conscious to head out into the real world!)
- Reasonably priced (if necessary) - large, pricey gym equipment would be inconvenient in terms of funds and space)
- Preferably quite fun
- If possible, incrementally challenging
- Potentially something that DH (who hates dancing) can do too not the obvious however, as have been married far too long for that!

Any got any thoughts?

flutterworc Sat 29-Apr-17 18:55:43

No? Bugger. I bloody hate exercise.

affectionincoldclimate Sat 29-Apr-17 18:57:50

I swear by Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. Tasters available on YouTube and dvds are reasonably priced on Amazon. I got a six pack with Jillian last year and will be returning once I get all clear after childbirth. You need good trainers, decent exercise clothes and an exercise mat.

Sirzy Sat 29-Apr-17 19:00:26

When I first started my fitness journey from very overweight and unfit I used the wii fit which was great. I started with 10 mins a day and built it up from there.

TheoriginalLEM Sat 29-Apr-17 19:04:11

Walking! A decent paid of comfy shoes and your golden. I also have lots of weight to lose and walking got me started. I run now but only really early in the morning or in the woods.

I Use my fitness pal and it's free. Marking place for some good tummy trimming ideas.

Bloody well done for taking that first step.

Ebay is really good for exercise machine bargains

kitkat321 Sat 29-Apr-17 19:05:34

Jillian Michaels is good if you can motivate yourself to exercise at home. There are also loads of free videos online - i find I commit more if I go to a class at they gym and have an instructor shouting at me though.

Killerqueen2244 Sat 29-Apr-17 19:23:37

I know you've said it needs to be at home but I sometimes find it difficult to get motivated with YouTube videos. Have you got any Clubbercise classes near you? It's aerobics in the dark, using glow sticks. I've heard good things about it and many people of different sizes participate. Lots of dance hits if that music suits you and with it being the dark if you go in the wrong direction at least no one will notice!!

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