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Additional spin class or running?

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anon1968 Sun 23-Apr-17 18:03:00

Im wanting to lose weight and tone up, i am a gym member and currently do, body attack, body combat and a spin class, each once weekly, then a gym session weekly, treadmill & machnes, i have recently started increasing my treadmill session to 30 mins, i now have the time to add in one more session, at the time I can go, it's either a spin class or a gym session, with the intention of being able to up my running times. I don't have a vast amount to lose, so its which would be more beneficial to me in a toning, fitness sense, with weightloss being an added bonus. Can anyone advise pls?

xapril87x Sun 23-Apr-17 18:05:15

I would say lifting weights would be most beneficial for your goal. I used to be a total cardio bunny and would class myself as skinny but with a bit of a tummy. Changed to weights, and i completely changed my body shape. I became a lot more tonned and finally had a nice tight, flat stomach which was always my goal when I was doing cardio

BellyDancer124 Sun 23-Apr-17 18:07:01

Seeing as you're already doing a fab amount (fair play to you) I would go with what you enjoy the most out of the two.. to avoid you getting bored/burnt out! I associate spin class with weight loss and gym session with toning, as you can change the gym session around as your body and goals change smile

anon1968 Sun 23-Apr-17 18:12:42

Thanks for the reply, i've been told that before, i do a few of the machines, leg press, calf press, lat pull down(?) and chess press (only lightish weights weekly) and can see my shape changing slowly,, i probably ought to try pump class, again, i did it a few times, but didnt really enjoy it so didn't stick at it., i just seem to find the cardio type classes more enjoyable

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