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Is PiYo good for an obese person?

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readyforschool Tue 18-Apr-17 11:14:50

I am late 30's and about 16.5 stone. I am pretty unfit andave never been very sporty. I also suffer from severe and frequent migraines which can make exercise an issue.
I want to lose at least 4 stones to improve my health and have already lost some weight using myfitness pal and changing my eating habits.

I want to add in some exercise to tone up and improve my fitness and I read the Piyo is low impact but will it be ok to do if I am obese?

I do already walk when the weather is dry but its often very wet and I'd like something I can do at home and that will expand on my walking.

Will PiYo be managable for an unfit, obese women like myself?

Tanaqui Tue 18-Apr-17 11:18:00

It'll depend on the class I expect- it should be okay, but sometimes it does just happen that a lot of more advanced people happen to be in the same class and that could be off putting! Do tell the instructor you are new and they should make sure they show things at a beginner level. In the other hand it could be fab and full of friendly people and beginners- give it a go and do try several classes if possible, if you don't like the first one - it is about finding the right fit for you!

cardoon Wed 19-Apr-17 07:38:46

Do you have a DVD in mind if you're going to do it at home?

wetcardboard Wed 19-Apr-17 18:06:55

When I was unfit and just starting out with exercise I took some yoga classes. I found it a challenge to hold the poses as I was so weak. I think it would be much harder as a heavy person because you have more weight to hold up.

I would do plain pilates instead of piyo, as it doesn't require as much strength against your bodyweight as yoga. Pilates is great for core strength.

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