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Couch to 5k - any graduates

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Zohz123 Mon 17-Apr-17 07:27:49

I did the first run today, it was quite tough blushjust looking for some reassurance and encouragement really. I have a tendency of not sticking to things/making excuses and would love to see myself get fitter over time.. motivation/tips/stories needed!

Thanks x

MrsMontgomerySmythe Mon 17-Apr-17 07:37:55

Not a graduate but another beginner here.

I have just been reading some of the other threads and there seem to be lots of posters who said they could only run a few seconds on the first run and now 2-3 months later are running 5ks. They are my inspiration

I have just completed work 2.. And am feeling it!

Hoping to start week 3 mid week when my achey hip is rested.

I really really want to be fitter for my summer holiday - and am using that as a motivation.

I Have noticed a small change in my shape. Less big and bulgy around the middle. Only a small difference but it is another motivator.

Good luck.

Ilikesweetpeas Mon 17-Apr-17 07:43:08

I'm not a graduate but am on week 5 now. Was a complete non runner and I have found this programme so goodsmile It would never have occurred to me that I could run for 5 minutes, have a brief rest then run again! Have a look for "park run", I've been doing this too and the atmosphere is great. Loads of people run / walk so you will not be out of place. Keep running!

Archduke Mon 17-Apr-17 07:47:07

I'm a graduate!!! I did C25k back in Nov/Dec and love it. I am one of those who only managed a few seconds of running in the beginning. I am now trying (not very successfully) to follow the 5 to 10k running plan. I totally agree with Ilikesweetpeas about Parkrun being fantastic. I've been going since almost the beginning of Nov and whereas I walked the first sessions in about 50mins my PB is now under 27mins. It's totally brilliant and really inspiring.

I am a total running bore at the moment grin

EmpressOfTheSpartacusOceans Mon 17-Apr-17 07:47:25

I started C25K last August and God yes, the first run was HARD! Good on you for finishing it!

I hit 5K around last October and I'm now running 10K regularly.

The very best advice I can give you is to join one of the C25K threads here. Having the company, advice & encouragement made a huge difference to me.

Good luck!

PossumInAPearTree Mon 17-Apr-17 07:47:31

Kind of me.

Three months ago I was a non runner. Went to a "power walking treadmill" class at the gym which turned out to be a running class. I walked the whole class. Said I wouldn't ever run but would go back. The next week I broke into a shuffle. I'm now running. The class tends to be a HIT workout, so periods of intense running and then recovery minutes.

However I'm going to the gym on my own other days and using couch to 5k to see how long I can run at a steady pace for. I'm on week 8 now. Really enjoying it.

FenellaMaxwellsPony Mon 17-Apr-17 07:49:08

I was a size 24 when I started. It was HARD. I did it 4 times a week, and changed my diet, and 5 months later was a size 14 running 5-10k 4 times a week. A year later, I was a size 10 and did my first half-marathon. 6 years later, I've done countless 10k races, 7 half-marathons and having not run for 11 months due to a difficult pregnancy and demanding newborn, in an hour or two I will be lacing on my trainers and starting again with the very first run of C25k. Let's do this!

EmpressOfTheSpartacusOceans Mon 17-Apr-17 07:49:39

Hi Arch! Come over to the 5-10K thread!

Mallowmarshmallow Mon 17-Apr-17 07:49:49

I'm not quite a graduate but I am on w8r2 so very, very nearly.

8 weeks ago, my one minute runs were tough and on Saturday I ran for 28 minutes straight. It's completely blowing my mind that it's something that's even vaguely possible.

There is a thread for c25k runners full of support.

Keep going, there will be tough weeks, I repeated a couple of runs so I was confident to move on to the next. There will be harder and easier runs but it's well worth pushing through them.

EmpressOfTheSpartacusOceans Mon 17-Apr-17 07:51:20

Around Week 5 I repeated quite a few of them.

Archduke Mon 17-Apr-17 07:56:11

Oooh Hi Empresss, I will pop over, OP the C25K thread I met Empress on was brilliant. I def needed the support and encouragement to get through some weeks.

Treysanatomy Mon 17-Apr-17 08:00:09

I'm almost a graduate, on week 7 day 2 after many false starts.

I can now run 25 mins without stopping and it feels amazing!

My only tip is to just keep going, I put my running gear on and announce to the family that I'm going for a run before I can talk myself out of it. I never regret going for a run and wish I'd persevered with it sooner.

The biggest benefit for me has been the difference it's made to my self esteem and confidence. I feel so much better about myself than I did 7 weeks ago and feel a real sense of achievement smile

ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 17-Apr-17 08:33:03

I'm a graduate! Started as a non runner aged 50 running but more walking round my garden.

I've done 10k races now, and my first 20 mile race is coming up in May.

My advice would be - don't rush it, do it st your pace, if you have to repeat weeks that is absolutely fine.

EmpressOfTheSpartacusOceans Mon 17-Apr-17 08:47:45

Definitely take it at your own pace. I think most of us on the 5-10K thread are doing our own thing now & sharing progress / encouragement / tips.

I did the zen labs C25K and it had this idea that by the end I should be able to run 5k in 30 mins, so towards the end of the programme I ignored the suggested time and focused on distance instead.

Lolimax Mon 17-Apr-17 08:49:44

Me! I didn't do the actual proper thing I just built up myself. This time last year I was an unfit size 18. I started walking, then swimming then other classes like Zumba and spin. I only started running really this year.
And yesterday I managed 5k! Ok it took me 40 minutes but it's a start.
Oh and now I'm a size 10 smile

Kettricken Mon 17-Apr-17 08:51:56

I started c25k in January and can now run 5k without stopping. I do parkrun on weeks I'm not working and my best time is just under 39 minutes. I'm not fast but I can do it! I'm doing the Great South Run in October for charity so will be moving on to 10K next then 15! It is hard but such a sense of achievement when you can run for longer!

Pinkvici22 Mon 17-Apr-17 08:53:56

I love hearing how people have done!

I'm about to finish week 4, so a way to go for me, but it is really inspiring hearing the progress, and how it's changed people's shape and size!

EmpressOfTheSpartacusOceans Mon 17-Apr-17 09:17:28

And yesterday I managed 5k!


I love that moment when you realise you're almost there.

SkiBike007 Mon 17-Apr-17 09:31:56

Waves at arch & empress Yes I'm a C25k graduate (wow can't believe I'm typing that grin) started in late Sept hit 5k in Dec, had a few weeks out due to horrid viruses in winter but kept at it. I've got upto 8.5k but happier at the 5-6k mark. I love the convenience of grabbing trainers and nipping out for 35-45min, it fits in well with family life/jobs and great for mental & physics health. Good luck

RupertsFriend Mon 17-Apr-17 19:56:57

I am! I did it 2 years ago, and on Sunday I am doing the London Marathon!
Before getting my marathon place I had only ever run 10k so I have done a mammoth amount of training since Christmas.
I clearly remember how sore I felt the first few weeks of c25k, but you can train your body (and mind - it is more in the mind) to do these amazing things.
I am nearly 50, and have never been an exercise bunny.
This is now what I love to do and I have made some fab friends through it.

EmpressOfTheSpartacusOceans Mon 17-Apr-17 21:24:36

<waves back at Ski & Arch

Wow Rupert! shockshockshock And only two years after doing C25K?

Good luck!

I'm going to cheer you all on as you run through Deptford.

PossumInAPearTree Mon 17-Apr-17 21:47:36

I did 5k in 42 mins today in a HIT treadmill workout. So one min fast walk, one min 70% effort, one min 85-90% effort. That 42 mins inc a warm up so I reckon without it counting the warmup distance I could do it quicker.

I'm keen to try and build up to doing the whole distance without walking.

BowiesBlueEye Mon 17-Apr-17 21:54:37

I just completed my first week. The 3rd run was definitely easier than the first one. I'm 7 stone overweight so I'm not very fast. I'm doing my first Parkrun on Saturday but will be walking/running.

It's such a boost hearing these stories.

Well done on the first run OP smile

RupertsFriend Mon 17-Apr-17 22:21:59

Empress - yes it seems a bit of a leap and one I'd never thought or had in mind.
When starting c25k "proper runners" I knew were (and still are) really supportive. They were the marathoners.
I distinctly remember thinking why the hell would anyone want to run further than 5k.
But once you crack c25k you do realise that the training works, and then it is could I go faster or further .... and that leads to all sorts of mad places.
I shall wave to you at Deptford - I'll be doing a fast shuffle.

RupertsFriend Mon 17-Apr-17 22:25:01

And for those starting c25k now, I am envious as it's such a buzz to do that first 5k. Trust the programme, it works.

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