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DeepfriedPizza Fri 14-Apr-17 09:57:57

I have a running playlist on Spotify that I add songs to when I hear one that I like the beat of.

I have tried the ones that spotify provide but they seem to be a bit trendy whereas I like running to a variety of music 80s glam rock.

So can anyone look at their playlists and tell me their go-to tunes?

nbee84 Fri 14-Apr-17 22:47:10

Some time ago I tried Nicole Blum's couch to 5k and there were a few tracks that I really liked and have added to my own exercise playlists;

Damaged - Danity Kane
Kiss Kiss - Chris Brown
Good luck - Basement Jaxx

Also like;

Deliverance - Bubba Sparxxx
Redemption days - Josh Osho
Giants - Josh Osho
The thrill - Nero
Freedom - Pharrell Williams
My house - Flo Rida

Bit of a mix grin

thisgirlrides Sat 15-Apr-17 14:13:30

Eminem Lose Yourself always gets me up a hill, anything upbeat by Florence Against the Machine then off the top of my head:
Human by RagnBone Man
I need your love & Anything could Happen by Ellie Golding
I gotta Feeling by black eyed peas

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