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Loose fitting running shorts?

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Bitethedust Tue 11-Apr-17 19:10:54

I usually wear capris but they are irritating my nethers (I think) but I can't find any decent loose fit shorts. I don't want really short shorts but longer length (halfway down thigh). I have resorted to X small men's shorts but they are not cut for anyone with a bum. Has anyone any suggestions?

lljkk Tue 11-Apr-17 19:33:23

I wear men's... may I ask what trouser size U wear? I do not think I'm bumless.

Bitethedust Tue 11-Apr-17 19:50:45

Ha ha it's not that big!! It does fit in the shorts wink but it would be a better fit to have shorts cut for female form. I'm a 12

lljkk Tue 11-Apr-17 19:52:42

Ah... I hate short shorts. I scream fury at them. Maybe you could get something tailored? Baggy with pockets makes me happy.

Bitethedust Tue 11-Apr-17 19:56:12

What brand do you wear? I want baggy too

lljkk Tue 11-Apr-17 20:10:48

brand? heck if I know. I found some in a charity shop. Else I would have tried on the ones in exploitive sweatshop Sports direct. At least the charity shops ones were very cheap. smile.

Bitethedust Tue 11-Apr-17 20:14:25

That's encouraging actually. I've always been a lone, 6am runner so not sure if I look ridiculous. I shouldn't care, but ....

lljkk Tue 11-Apr-17 20:32:48

ha! Sorry, can't help you there. I don't care about how I look. If someone else cares how I look, that means they have very sad priorities.

someone gave me some half-length lycra trousers I now wear, only because they were given & they are fine in coldish weather... I went running in another country (not Britain) & noticed women ran in every possible style going. Yes I saw women in all lycra, but also loose men's style shorts & stained old cotton t-shirts, they ran in anything, really. I think MN calls the long shorts Board Shorts - I saw women run in those & capris. My English neighbour runs in jeans, actually. I think the Brits are very uptight about what they wear & having the "right" clothes for any activity. Not so much my native culture so I don't get it.

Occasionally my native style becomes fashionable. confused. Maybe we'll start a new fashion trend in female sports clothes!

Bitethedust Tue 11-Apr-17 21:02:35

I like the idea of stained old t-shirts, why not? Running gear is hugely hiked in price and I'm not sure all that anti wicking mallarchy is really, truly necessary for the bog standard runner.
I think next winter I will wear proper,
loose jogging pants and not tights. Will that really affect my running?

swampytiggaa Tue 11-Apr-17 21:24:01

i have seen someone locally running in board shorts and flipflops carrying a skateboard. He was going really fast up a hill too!

i wear short shorts from nike (we have an outlet and they were veryb cheap) but they are loose fit not skin tight.

mumsnitter Tue 11-Apr-17 23:10:11

I've taken to running in men's shorts. Very comfy. So bored of all that Lycra.

lljkk Wed 12-Apr-17 05:41:14

I bet flipflops would ruin your Achilles tendons over distance, though.

I don't get the anti-wicking thing either - in outdoors Britain where we often only have 10 degrees to run in & few of us are killing selves to sweat like pigs.

randomsabreuse Wed 12-Apr-17 12:25:00

I like lycra for running. 2 reasons:

1. Chafe prevention due to chub rub.
2. Mud runs - tight means less likely to get hooked up on barbed wire, cotton is heavy when wet.

I seem to be accumulating a quite ridiculous quantity of technical t-shirts through the runs I do, previous sport provided cotton t-shirts as prizes so will never need to buy either! Tech fabric seems to be less cold when you have been sweating, or it is/has been raining...

TriJo Wed 12-Apr-17 15:09:50

Football shorts? Back in the day when I started running I had a pair of Italy away shorts that I got for 5 quid in the sale in the biggest boys size (I was a size 12 at the time as well) and they were really comfortable to run in.

lljkk Wed 12-Apr-17 19:06:29

Being less chilled afterwards is the only item selling me on lycra, and then it would only be lycra shirts I haven't tried... do you need a tight lycra shirt for that no-chilling-whatsoever effect to work? Or any fit lycra shirt will do? Driving 45 minutes home from a 4.5 mile race, even with car heater on high, I was rather chilled by the time I got home. I could have put more clothes on before I started driving, though.

Footie shorts don't have pockets, (I think?)
Nylon shorts (with pockets) are fine for wet conditions. If the run is truly muddy won't it stain your clothes? The idea of mud staining £35 shorts is not making me happy. grin

For whatever reason I don't get chafe, thank goodness. I easily overheat, though, including in lycra.

Bitethedust Wed 12-Apr-17 19:51:11

I'm going to wear my loose and baggy bloke shorts with pride. I think you're right lljjkk, a new trend is emerging - dress down running. For me, much comfier though I do see the benefits of Lycra for others...

randomsabreuse Wed 12-Apr-17 20:56:34

Loose tech tops are fine. I wear lycra underneath as additional restraint/black eye prevention...

Stains are a fact of life in exercise clothes - I just avoid light colours! Grass due to accidental encounters with the ground is the worst staining thing I've found. Mud has come out fine!

lljkk Thu 13-Apr-17 08:40:15

Is "black eye" slang for something besides bruising around the eye?

randomsabreuse Thu 13-Apr-17 09:30:30

Slight hyperbole as to consequences of running without effective boob restraint...

AnnaNimmity Thu 13-Apr-17 09:35:24

I've got some nike running shorts from Next. Have a look on their website, there are quite a few different makes.

FurryElephant Thu 13-Apr-17 10:12:59

Under armour play up shorts! Soooo comfy!

MaidOfStars Thu 13-Apr-17 11:10:22

Weather conditions v running bottom choice:

Very cold (-5): long breathable/wickable/blah blah/wink leggings with long breathable/wickable/blah blah/wink running socks underneath.

Cold (+2): long breathable/wickable/blah blah/wink leggings

Getting warmer (+10): capri breathable/wickable/blah blah/wink leggings

Just right for me (+16): short breathable/wickable/blah blah/wink leggings if not sunny, breathable/wickable/blah blah/wink shorts if sunny.

My shorts are baggy, vaguely retro-styled affairs. I have several and definitely women's cut. I got them (well, a few pairs) from Mountain Warehouse. Will post a picture as I have some next to me right now.

MaidOfStars Thu 13-Apr-17 11:12:13

These are a 10, deliberately a size or so too big.

MaidOfStars Thu 13-Apr-17 11:12:46

Sorry, the size is irrelevant. Made me sound like a dick. Apologies.

lljkk Thu 13-Apr-17 16:45:33

I don't have great temp control. Mostly too cold except when I exercise & then overheat. Lately, around 10-11 degrees, I wear guy shorts, SS shirt, sleeves, buff, gloves. Most/All loose items in my pockets before run is over.

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