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Weight Loss Tips!

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SpringGlade004 Sun 09-Apr-17 21:27:27

Sooo just wondering if any of you have any tips for losing weight, in particular round the middle! Would really like to see results asap as that might make me stick with it! I know diet and exercise are the key but I just wondered if there were certain diets/types of exercise that got any of you results quite quickly!

SheilaChan Wed 12-Apr-17 09:40:38

Hello, you can do the cardio exercise, I did the boxing to lose 1 stone weight in three months, my core, bum and arm got more firm, amazing! Boxing is the very fast way to lose weight, very fun and interest to learn. And I can keep the body shape until now.

humanfemale Wed 12-Apr-17 16:33:51

Exercise-wise, BodyPump classes three times a week

Food wise, massively reducing sugar and alcohol

Lost two inches from waist in one month, without dieting (other than sugar)

SpringGlade004 Fri 14-Apr-17 18:00:44

Thank you both for your tips! Wow humanfemale..2 inches in a month is good! Was that after just dropping the sugar and alcohol or was that dropping them and after you started the exercise? How do you stay motivated? I don't drink so I can tick alcohol off's the sugar that's a huge problem for me! I know it's not good but I use it to deal with tiredness..I know it gives you an even bigger drop afterwards but I swear sugar is as hard to quit as smoking!

humanfemale Fri 14-Apr-17 20:38:10

I stopped drinking in September because to be honest it was becoming too much and I struggled to moderate for very long.

I started Body Pump in Feb and think it was seeing results from that so quickly that made me decide to clean up my diet more generally. It was a good motivation.

Sugar has always been a bit addictive for me but as soon as you break the habit it gets easier I think. I was in the habit of having something sweet every night after the kids were in bed. Takes just about a week before the cravings calm down. But I do still have something sweet occasionally (maybe once a week) because I want to keep things balanced and sometimes it feels more sociable to join in with deserts etc.

Also I eat delicious homemade bread with plenty of butter instead of sweets at night now! So have replaced sweets/sugar with something that I personally enjoy just as much. smile

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