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Wobbly inner thighs

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Itscurtainsforyou Sat 25-Mar-17 23:14:59

I really need to lose weight. Am tackling the diet side but will also need to exercise.

Recovering from a couple of injuries (or at least hope I am!) but when I'm ready to exercise I really need to focus on toning my inner thighs, frankly they are awful, really flabby.

Are there any exercises I can do to focus on this area?

TheoriginalLEM Sat 25-Mar-17 23:16:58

me too!! havebeen running a bit but it doesn't seem to help with toning

Silvertap Sun 26-Mar-17 07:14:20

Me too!

MeNeedSleep Sun 26-Mar-17 19:19:15

Yoga and/or pilates

KatieKaboom Sun 26-Mar-17 19:36:14

I recently did Jillian Michaels' s DVD "Killer Buns and Thighs" for the first time in about a year and was pleasantly surprised how good I still found it. That and her Banish Fat Boost Metabolism alwAys formed up my thighs no end.

lottachocca Sun 26-Mar-17 20:13:49

Me too - nothing works because it's where I store fat. I could do lots of toning exercises to firm up the muscle but the layer of fat would remain. I run, do pilates, dance class and weights with the odd circuit class thrown in too. Even when I lost loads of weight and got down to a BMI of 19/20 my thighs were still larger while the rest of me was rather scrawny.

lemontoast Sun 26-Mar-17 20:16:56

Climbing hills really works.
You'll need to build it up slowly though, as it is F- ing exhausting at first. Pilates has been mentioned, and ld agree with that.

HeyMicky Sun 26-Mar-17 20:36:52

Kick boxing. I always see a difference really quickly when I go back to it

MaidOfStars Mon 27-Mar-17 13:28:39

I posted a whole load of inner thigh exercises here recently. Hang on, I'll bump the thread.

MaidOfStars Mon 27-Mar-17 13:29:56

ShotsFired Mon 27-Mar-17 13:51:22

Squats, goblet squats, lunges, waling lunges, those leg raise things you do on your side, cycling....

KatieKaboom Mon 27-Mar-17 20:48:47

Fabulous list, Maid. Never heard of Cossack squats and longing to give them a go now!

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