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Hiring a Personal Trainer...?

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VentiPeppermintMochaWithWhip Tue 21-Mar-17 19:51:35

Evening ladies (and lads). I'm currently 17 weeks pregnant and have already piled on 10K since starting fertility treatment late last year. Out of pregnancy, I am incredibly conscious about my body shape and weight and am already thinking about a fitness plan post baby.
Has anyone ever hired a PT? I love to exercise, but don't have a clue how to go about getting the body shape I'd love. I'm also utter shite with food so will need a PT for meal plans, etc. Any tips, advice, etc you're happy to share pretty please?
I'm still active now, love cycling and running and come Summer I spend most of my time outdoors doing stuff and pottering, currently attending pregnancy yoga and aquanatal. I know though I will need a kick up the arse once this bump becomes a babe.
Many Thanks in advance!

Closetlibrarian Wed 22-Mar-17 12:26:31

Do you mean a PT for while your'e pregnant or for afterwards? I hired one when DC2 was about 9 months old and I really love my sessions with her. It's helped me fit exercise into a busy life. She's trained in post-natal PT and this is something you should look for if you want to start working out soon after the birth.

But, on another note, and please don't take this the wrong way - be kind to yourself regarding the changes your body will undergo! Being pregnant/ a new parent is hard enough without beating yourself up about how you look.

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