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Learning to run again without couch to 5k/smartphone app

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thegoatwhogotthequiche Tue 21-Mar-17 14:01:02

Pre-DC's I used run a lot and loved it, I have never really managed to get back into the swing of things though even though I have all the kit.

I have friends who have done couch to 5k very successfully but my phone is pretty rubbish and I can't really update it atm. I have a teach yourself running book but it tells you on day 1 to 'just run out for 5 minuets and then back home for 5 minuets'...I think that I possibly need a slightly kinder approach...

We do have running clubs but I couldn't commit to anything weekly due to DH's working hours. I was planning on using a mix of running before breakfast and going out during the day with a running buggy.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated...

Zippyzulu Tue 21-Mar-17 14:05:58

You can find the c25k details online- could you print/ copy them out and use a stopwatch? It's fairly easy to follow- I've just done C25K using an app and moving on to 10K but without using an app so I think it's possible!

feetheart Tue 21-Mar-17 14:13:35

I did Couch to 5k without an app, about 8 years ago and I'm still running! I printed it off, worked out what I needed to do each session and took a small clock with me (I didn't have a useful watch at the time!)
In the end I got a cheap watch with BIG numbers on it from a market stall. I spent most of the time working out when the next walking break would come which took my mind off the running.
Even if I had had the technology I think the app would have annoyed me.
Get started then get yourself and your buggy to parkrun - the best motivation ever smile

SomewhatIdiosyncratic Tue 21-Mar-17 22:36:50

I used the podcasts by the NHS on my MP3 player.

Given that I've only been running 3.5 years, it seems weird to think that I didn't have a smart phone when I started! Had BlackBerry styles so could internet, but not download apps)

thegoatwhogotthequiche Thu 23-Mar-17 10:51:46

I'm going to use a stopwatch, thanks for your comments. I've just realised that the app would also not be much good with a running buggy as you need to be able to hear what your LO is saying!

CharlieAustinsMagicHat Thu 23-Mar-17 11:02:09

I've always found the Action Aid plans to be very helpful, starts from an absolute base and soon has you up and running.

feetheart Thu 23-Mar-17 11:24:09

thegoatwhogotthequiche - the issue is really trying to hear what the app is saying over the shouts of "Faster Mummy" or "Run Mummy run" when you are on a walking break and just trying to breath grin
Enjoy and go to parkrun

QuestaVecchiaCasa Thu 23-Mar-17 13:22:51

When I started running about 3 years ago (at 48) I didn't know that such a thing as C25K existed. I just started running up my road and when I could do that I added another street and ran round the block and then another block etc. I didn't realise that you were supposed to have walking breaks. Seemed to work for me because the first time I ever ran 5K (which I did at parkrun) I did it in just over 30 minutes. I did combine with quite a bit of cycling though.

BikeRunSki Thu 23-Mar-17 14:53:05

Runners World have run plans online
I started with one of these, and a Digi watch that bleeped at preset intervals.

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