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Does anyone do Bikram yoga? I have a weight loss question.

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FelixFelix Mon 13-Mar-17 11:16:10

I've just started. Not really done yoga before but the place has just opened near me with perfect class times, and they had a really good opening offer for 10 classes so I thought why not! I am a notorious hater of exercise but I'm really enjoying it, so I think I'll carry on once my 10 classes have finished.

I am 2.5st overweight but do no other exercise at the moment. I've lost 3st over the past couple of years since having dd but just through calorie counting. I'm struggling to lose any more (currently 12st/size 14) and I'm hoping the yoga will help.

I'm aiming to go 2-3 times a week - do you think this will help me lose weight? I know this isn't the reason you generally practice yoga, and I'm just really pleased I've found some form of exercise I enjoy but losing more weight would be an added bonus!

hardheadedwoman Mon 13-Mar-17 11:24:52

Hi - I've never done it h my DH does and has lost 2stone over the past 2 years without much change in diet. Goes 5 times a week, mind!

Good luck

FelixFelix Mon 13-Mar-17 12:06:32

Wow that's great! The place near me only do 3 classes of bikram a week but they do some other yoga styles which are in the heat too that I haven't tried yet.

hardheadedwoman Tue 14-Mar-17 09:42:20

He goes to something called Fierce Grace which ranges from very hard core sessions to gentler ones, not sure if they are national

maybeshesawomble Thu 16-Mar-17 13:16:14

I practised regularly (including completing the infamous 30 day challenge) and lost a little weight. I now only do Bikram once a week and treat it as a recovery session to complement my cardio/strength training and this has blasted the remaining baby weight! It may depend on how much you need to lose and what your current fitness and diet are like. Making way for Bikram - it can be quite addictive - was at the cost of other exercise sessions in my case.

timshortfforthalia Tue 21-Mar-17 17:26:56

Bikram is great, isn't it? Well done you for starting it. I started going to bikram 7 years ago and having been practising yoga ever since. I don't do bikram anymore but it's the perfect way to get into yoga because it's so buzzy and you see changes in your body really quickly.

If you do bikram 2-3 times a week you should def lose weight. The extra calories burnt will be a part of that, but more importantly it should trigger a real change in the way you eat and drink and look after yourself.

And you can alway weigh yourself straight after a class when severely dehydrated 😂

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