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Northernmum100 Fri 24-Feb-17 17:17:46

I've managed to shed very nearly two stone and feeling and looking better for it. Legs and bottom are toned from fast paced walking, squats etc and I have an arm/shoulder routine to tone those areas but I really need some ideas to tone up inner thighs. Any wise words or pointers to help me? Please be gentle-new to this boardsmile

MaidOfStars Wed 01-Mar-17 15:11:05

I spent a month last year doing inner thigh exercises (on top of regular running/weights/etc), to see how much I could tone them. I lost well over an inch off both and obviously, muscle definition increased. Here follows my list of exercises, that I collected form the internet and did whenever the opportunity presented itself (C&Ped from a spreadsheet so formatting might be crazy).

At desk
Knee squeeze
Sit in chair, knees bent, feet flat on floor. Place rolled up towel/jumper/etc between knees. Squeeze in for 30secs-relax for 10-repeat as desired.

Thigh adduction
Sit in chair, legs apart, knees bent, feet flat on floor. Place palms on opposite inner knees. Press knees together while pressing outwards with hands, until hands touch, Repeat as desired.

Leg raise
Sit in chair, left leg straight in front, right leg crossed to rest ankle on left shin. Raise right leg as high as you can-hold for five-return to start. 10 each side.

Leg circles
Sit on edge of chair, left leg bent and foot flat on floor, right leg extended in front as high as possible. Circle right leg, 10 x clockwise, 10 x anti. Repeat for left leg.

At the bus stop
Street sweeper
Legs hip width apart, lift one leg a few inches off the ground in front of you. Using inner thigh muscles (not swinging), sweep leg across standing leg-squeeze in for 3 secs-back to start position. 3 x 10 each leg.

At home
Wide squat
Feet wider than shoulder width, toes at ten and two o'clock. Lower into squat for two counts-hold-for one-raise for two.

Frog bend
Lie on back, legs extended over hips, feet flexed, toes turned out. Bend knees out to side as far as possible-raise to start. 3 x 10.

Cossack squat
Feet much wider than shoulders, arms at sides. Squat to left, right leg straight with toes turning upwards. Move torso forward and arms in front of you to maintain balance. Return to start then repeat on other side for one rep. 3 x 10 reps.

Scissor plank
Start in full plank position, on hard/shiny surface, with feet on paper plate/towel/gliding disc. Slide feet apart as far as possible-slowly squeeze inner thighs to bring them together. 2 x 15.

Squeeze and lift
Lie on side, supporting head with bent arm, opposite arm on floor in front of chest. Legs extended together. Lift both legs 6 inches off ground-hold for 5-lower-repeat for ten. Repeat for other side.

Toe taps
Lie on back, arms down by sides. Lift feet so thighs are perpendicular to body and knees at 90 degrees. Alternately tap toes to floor for one minute.

Hip lift
Lie on back, arms by side, knees bent, feet on floor. Lift hips towards celing for one count, squeeze bum and hamstrngs, then lower. Repeat for one minute. add difficulty by extending alternate legs for each lift, holding for five secs.

Inner thigh circle
Lie on side, supporting head with bent arm, Bend top leg across front of lower thigh and pull in with top arm. Point bottom foot-lift leg high as possible-10 circles clockwise-10 circles anti. Repeat for other side.

With a resistance ball/ring
Thigh press
Lie on back, knees bent, soles flat on floor. Place ball between knees. Squeeze in for 30secs-relax for 10-repeat five times.

Squeeze and lift with ball
Lie on side, supporting head with bent arm, opposite arm on floor in front of chest. Legs extended and ball squeezed between ankles. Using lower leg, lift both legs 6 inches off ground-hold for 5-lower-repeat for ten. Repeat for other side.

With weights
Russian swing
Back straight, legs shoulder width, knees slightly bent, kettlebell in two hands. Swing bell back between legs, then punch forward with hips ONLY (back still straight). Kettle bell swings to chest height. Lower and repeat.

Goblet squat
Knees slightly wider than hip width, kettlebell held with bent arms at chest. Squat low so hamstrings touch calves, elbows should slide down inner side of knees. Rise through heels. Repeat.

Northernmum100 Thu 02-Mar-17 22:18:46

Thank you so much☺ I really appreciate this and see things I can do at work too (squats whilst waiting for the printer to warm up. ...) which helps fit it all in. The scissor plank is a bit scary but will have a go.

Thanks again-hope I can get your results!

MaidOfStars Mon 27-Mar-17 13:29:31

Bumping for new post.

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