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Question re training 'methods'

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TheseAreTheGoodOldDays Wed 22-Feb-17 11:36:40

Ok, so I posted a couple of weeks ago for some motivation to get back into running! Which I've started to do when I can smile

I'm now trying to get into weights/resistance training, but after some quick advice!

For those of you who workout regularly, do you tend to have specific days for certain muscle groups i.e arms on Monday, legs on Wednesday etc or do you do some sort of circuit that works out all the muscles during the same session? I'm guessing there's no right or wrong, just wondered what you're preference is and why - I often find I lose motivation when I don't see results quick enough so trying to work out what I'm better off doing so I can see a difference smile

MaidOfStars Wed 22-Feb-17 13:35:21

I do compound exercises, so no "arms" session for me! The stuff I do works many muscle groups at once. You'll see the biggest changes in your overall strength if you do compound exercises.

In recent weeks, I've been training on Mondays and Thursdays (I do loads of other exercise in between though).

First set: I rotate between regular deadlifts, a deadlift variant (Romanian, landmine) and split squats.
Second set: I alternate between supersets of shoulder press+pull ups or inverted rows+push ups (not a rigid schedule as I often have to adapt to injuries accrued playing an arm/shoulder-heavy team sport!).
Third set (if I do one): supersets of ab rolls/ball slams/tractor pulls/various crossfit/HIIT challenges - my PT mixes it up for me.

If you look at my second sets, you'll see they are essentially the same movements but in reverse of each other (agonist-antagonist training). So, for example, the movements associated with shoulder presses and pull ups are the same - arms going over head/arms, shoulders and back working to shift weight. But the resistance for each exercise is in opposition. This means I get a full workout on each of those muscle groups in a set, everything is balanced, and everything is all warmed up and ready to go.

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